Top Summer Fragrances for men

Are fragrances seasonal too? Yes! In summer it is important to smell refreshing and vibrant because sweating can cause a bad odor leaving a poor impression. If you are looking for summer fragrance then you need to select your shop wisely that offers a wide range of fragrances for men that can offer heavy sillage and long lasting scents. With rising prices, perfumes have become expensive but that should not stop you from experiencing and wearing the best perfume for men. Now to combat the situation, branded perfumes impressions are available that are not only affordable but high quality complemented with great packaging. In this blog, we have shortlisted some incredible perfume impressions by Fragaro that are among the best fragrances for men. 

Wild West – Impression of Ombre Leather 

Ombre Leather by Tom Ford lets you relive the unique scent of leather that lifts your spirit giving you extra energy to survive the day like a cowboy. It is among the best summer perfumes for men. It is a rich, seductive, almost smokey fragrance inspired by the golden age of the cowboy. Wild West encompasses the main composition of Ombre Leather that includes Cardamom as the opening note of the perfume. Cardamom enhances the striking scent of Wild West.

To further elevate the fragrance, in the middle, Leather exudes a subtle and easy on the nose scent. The jasmine sambac flowery notes evoke wild desert beauty, while layers of amber and moss evoke the heat of rock and sand. The impression is available for only Rs. 1500 on Fragaro’s website. So, if you are wondering to shop for summer fragrances then shop for the best perfume for men and smell unique and nice this season. 

Fury – Impression of Dior Fahrenheit

Who doesn’t love Dior fragrances? In 1988, Dior introduced Fahrenheit, one of the best fragrances for men globally that has been a trendsetter. It was specially curated for fierce, courageous, and bold men who do not want to settle for less. It is a great addition to men’s wardrobes who like to push their boundaries. Fragaro’s Fury is prepared using the ingredients of Fahrenheit so guys can enjoy the perfume impression at affordable prices. There are many options for men summer perfumes but it is important to pick one that suits one’s personality. So if you are not afraid of dreaming and imagining the impossible, Fury is a must have.

The woody musk fragrance is made of Lavender, Mandarin Orange, Hawthorn, Nutmeg Flower, Cedar, Bergamot, Chamomile, and Lemon to give a flavorful aroma. As the aroma settles down, the middle notes of Nutmeg, Honeysuckle, Carnation, Sandalwood, Violet Leaf, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-Valley, and Cedar give a boost. Lastly, the base notes comprise of Leather, Musk, Amber, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, and Vetiver making it a lasting and one of the top perfumes for men for summer.  

Fastlane – Impression of Ferrari Red 

A woody fragrance introduced by Ferrari makes the young and old man smell incredible in summer season. The Ferrari Red is one of the best perfume for men that radiates a vibrant and refreshing scent. Using the same ingredients and composition, Fragaro has recreated a masterpiece known as Fastlane to match up the style, trend and taste of modern men. Encompassing the true essence of Ferrari Red, Fastlane ensures that you experience the burst of fruity, floral and woody elements when put on. It surely would take the men in cool and breezy environment because of its earthy and woody notes.

Due to its subtle and amazing scent, it is a one of the top perfumes for men to office. So, if you want to purchase Ferrari Red impression then Fastlane is a great option for you. The impression opens up with the notes of Orange, Bergamot, Spearmint, Verbena, Petitgrain and Galbanum. When top notes settle down then after middle notes of Jasmine, Geranium, Orris, and Nutmeg play a role in creating an enchanting smell. Lastly, the base notes are made of Cedar wood, Sandalwood, Moss, Vanilla, and Musk so men can experience the woody fragrance all day. 

Stud – Impression of Hugo

If you have a stud personality then Fragaro’s Stud would be among the best summer fragrances for men. It is an impression of Hugo. The fragrance is an amalgamation of fresh fruits and flowers that only radiate a fresh vibe but gives a homely feel as well. It is a classic fragrance that can be worn by all men to anywhere. It works best for casual gatherings and meetups but that does not mean you cannot wear it to office or parties. The best thing about this perfume is that it lets you experience which is very important for sunny days. The top notes consists the touch and freshness of Green Apple, Grapefruit and Basil.

In the middle, Sage and Jasmine are added to create a balanced fragrance. To make it one of the long lasting perfumes, the base notes are filled with Fire Balsam, Cedar wood and Patchouli. 
Indeed, the market is full of various options for perfume impressions but at Fragaro you will find authentic and wide variety of impressions of branded perfume suitable for your personality type.

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