Marketing and advertising of medical services

Within the framework of this article, the mechanism for promoting medical services, the services they offer, and the essence of marketing as a market activity in the medical industry will be considered.


What is Medical Marketing?

Medical advertising: legal and ethical aspects

Law on advertising of medical services: problematic issues

How do you promote medical site design?

What is Medical Marketing?

Literally and in detail – medical marketing is an entrepreneurial activity that promotes medical services from their producers to consumers; simultaneously, the demand for medical services is expanding with the help of their comprehensive development.

As a system of events, marketing acts as a whole complex consisting of service (product), price, promotion process, and people (consumers, manufacturers), the process of providing a service or selling a product.

A service or product’s content includes health, comfort, aesthetics, and safety (painlessness).

From the content mentioned above components, the actual product follows, which includes the result of treatment, specialist services, equipment and materials, and service.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the added product, which includes: the brand, the availability of the service (product), time and material costs, communications, prevention, and other related components.

The main object of medical marketing is a medical service, which has its characteristics:

  • Individually oriented character;
  • The value of the costs does not reflect the result because it depends on various factors;
  • The service is directly connected with the specialist, so the connection between the patient and the doctor is ensured;
  • The effectiveness of the service is socially oriented.

Medical advertising: legal and ethical aspects

Advertising in this industry consists of activities to disseminate information about medical services and medicines. Medical advertising is no different from advertising because it aims to persuade a person to use a particular service or purchase a product.

The main difference is expressed in the fact that medical products and services operate with such concepts as “life,” “health,” “longevity,” and “death.” Therefore, when using them, one should not forget about ethical principles. So, among the requirements for advertising of a medical nature, one can single out the direction of reliability and good faith.

According to the Federal “On Advertising,” unfair advertising ” means advertising that discredits other persons’ honor, reputation, and dignity. False advertising is recognized if information about services and products is incorrect: benefits that do not exist, discounts that are not provided to the consumer, and results of clinical studies that have never been conducted.

According to part 1, art. Twenty-four of the Federal Law No. 38, advertising of medical services should not contain, for specific cases, a cure for diseases due to the use of the object of advertising (any means). Also, it should not talk about the benefits of the thing by referring to the conduct of clinical trials, etc.

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Law on advertising of medical services: problematic issues

The amendments to the Federal Law “On Advertising,” which entered into force on 01.01.2014, established a strict framework for advertising medical services. So, the advertising of medical services was partially banned. And at the same time, the law began to contain several contradictions:

  • Mandatory warning of the consumer about contraindications;
  • Notification of the need to obtain advice from a specialist;
  • Informing about the need to study the attached instructions for the drug.

Still, on the other hand, these requirements do not apply to medical advertising at specialized exhibitions, conferences, and thematic publications.

How do you promote medical site design?

The promotion of a medical website design is a difficult task. One or two wrong decisions can lower all site ratings. The following are tips to improve the reputation of the clinic and bring new clients to it:

  • The site should be regularly updated with fresh content. At the same time, articles should contain as much useful information as possible and be written in simple, moderately scientific language.
  • Feedback is important. Therefore, you must communicate with visitors, advise them, and respond to their reviews, comments, etc.
  • Clients of the clinic need to be educated. But do it unobtrusively: publish information and expert opinions about various diseases and treatment methods. Such advice will increase the level of confidence.

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