Should I Use CBD Oil to Treat My Anxiety?

You might’ve seen these little bottles of CBD products lying around if you’ve been to your local supermarket or food store. Some of the most popular chains such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Whole Foods, have some selection of CBD oils. And you may have seen online tutorials about creative tactics to mix them into your foods and drinks. Many of the CBD oils or CBD gummies claim to be a cure for many common health problems, one of them being anxiety. 

What is CBD? 

CBD, also known as Cannabinoid, is a compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. A majority of CBD is extracted from the hemp plants to ensure that the THC is low. THC is another compound found in these cannabis plants and has a psychedelic effect when people smoke marijuana. 

CBD has been frequently advertised to be a treatment for many medical conditions such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. The FDA hasn’t approved them as a cure, so many of the effects are speculated on research done by medical groups. As of now, the FDA has only one accepted one type of CBD as FDA approved, which is Epidiolex to treat epilepsy. 

How Can It Help My Anxiety? 

CBD seems to affect serotonin levels by altering its receptors. Seratonin is commonly referred to as the “happy chemical.” Typically having low serotonin levels can play a huge factor in depression and anxiety. 

One study done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse performed experiments of CBD on rats and found that they had reduced stress and heart rate. 

Another experimentation found that a group of male subjects received an oral dose of 300 mg before having to do public speaking. They noticed that these subjects did have reduced levels of anxiety. 

Extreme forms of anxiety 

Besides general forms of anxiety, Cannabinoid has also been tested to treat post-traumatic stress disorders and social anxiety disorders. The studies aren’t conclusive, but patients involved in these studies were said to improve their symptoms. 

For patients with social anxiety disorder, participants took 400 mg of CBD and experienced a notable level of reduced anxiety. For PTSD, these participants had seen a reduction in PTSD symptoms, such as replaying negative memories and nightmares. 

Is CBD Safe? 

Generally, CBD is safe for most people. You may have to consult with your doctor, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions. Since there isn’t any regulation, it’s crucial to find a trusted seller. There are side effects, including fatigue, appetite loss, change in weight, and diarrhea, although extremely uncommon. 

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