Solar Panels Buying Guide

Installing solar panels on your house may significantly lessen your reliance on traditional energy companies as well as your influence on the environment so if you are planning to buy solar panels for home, now is the time! 

Solar panels are made up of solar (or photovoltaic) cells that may be used to generate power via the photovoltaic effect. On the surface of solar panels, these cells are organised in a grid-like arrangement. The solar panels for home use PV technology so let’s find it out that what PV panel is. 

What are solar PV panels and how do they work?

A solar PV panel is made up of numerous cells that are made up of layers of semiconducting material, the most common of which being silicon. A flow of electricity is formed when light strikes on this substance. The cells do not require direct sunlight to function, and they may even function on overcast days. However, the more sunlight there is, the more power is produced. PV panels are one of the widely used solar solutions in Pakistan

In bright sunshine, solar PV systems are built up of multiple panels, each of which generates approximately 355W of electricity. Around 15 panels are used in most systems but it varies depending on the consumption, which provide direct current (DC) electricity. Because home appliances run on alternating current (AC), an inverter is included in the system to convert DC to AC. This electricity may be utilised throughout your home, or it can be used to power your computer. The best solar panels in Pakistan are available at goforsolar.pk so you can explore and contact them for more information. 

Moreover, solar panels installed in houses serve to battle harmful greenhouse gas emissions and so help to prevent global warming. Solar panels do not pollute the environment and are environmentally friendly. They also reduce our dependency on scarce fossil fuels and traditional power sources. Therefore, it is important to purchase best quality solar panels in Pakistan. 


How much electricity does your home require? If you break down the amount of electricity you consume on a 24-hour basis on your power bill, you can easily figure out how many watts your PV array will need to generate to meet your home’s demands. During the day’s peak hours, when the sun is at its highest in the sky and the PV cells are at their most efficient, output can range from 40 to 200 watts. The technology, size, and pricing of the cells are the main differences. Goforsolar.pk is the best solar company in Pakistan that will guide you on how much units your household requires and what type of solar panel will suit your needs. 

Per-Watt Rate 

The per-watt cost ratio is another technique to estimate the cost of acquiring PV cells when you plan to buy solar panels. The benefit of solar solutions is that it allows to produce extra units when then can be sold back to the grid. This is known as net metering. In Pakistan, the rate of per watt is determined by the concerned authorities and it varies for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. However, solar panels for sale should be bought by evaluating the cost of per unit produced by the conventional electricity and the cost of solar panels. 


The term insolation refers to the quantity of direct sunlight that falls on a square metre every day. It is measured in kilowatts and will assist you in determining how much electricity your PV array will produce. Thus, it is important that where you are planning to install solar panels, the sunlight should be sufficient. Even with the best solar panels in Pakistan, the amount of sunlight plays a keyrole. 

Availability of space 

One of the most important factors to consider is the amount of space available. The average system size is roughly 4.2kWp, and it takes up around 25 meter square of roof space. For optimal power production, an un-shaded, south-facing roof is recommended. Roofs with an east or west orientation might still be considered, however roofs with a north orientation are not suggested. A system that faces east or west will produce 15-20% less energy than one that faces straight south. 

Shaded Roofs 

Any neighboring structures, trees, or chimneys might cast shade on your roof, reducing the efficiency of your system. So when you are buying solar panels for sale, keep in mind that your roofs are not with shades. It’s preferable if you can choose a site that has not shadow, although shading is occasionally inevitable. With the use of optimisers, certain solar PV systems can reduce the impact of shadowing. If you don’t have shading, using optimisers isn’t essential or advantageous – aside from the enhanced monitoring possibilities they provide – and they won’t save you any energy. 

The purpose of this article is to teach you how to acquire solar paneling for homes and related equipment for a cost-effective and long-lasting renewable energy system.

When shopping for solar panels, remember to do your homework and check pricing to ensure you’re getting a good deal. If you’re ready to start collecting estimates from some of the top companies do contact goforsolar.pk, best solar company in Pakistan that will guide you about the solar power system requirements and installation. 

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