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Why Facebook Ads Are Important

Your advertisement is not appearing in the review

The issue is that Facebook is slowing down its review time to look over your advertising. As we’ve discussed, every ad is scrutinized by the Facebook team to ensure it complies with their policies on advertising and their terms of service. Click here, The reviews are conducted by combining Facebook’s automated review systems with manual assessments conducted by their support team.

According to the Facebook Business Help Centre, “most advertisements are reviewed within 24 hours. But in certain cases, it could require longer” that means that your advertisements could be delayed in the process of review for more than 24 hours (especially during the Christmas season where more companies are investing into Facebook advertisements).

Fix Make sure to schedule your ads in advance.

Facebook suggests planning and scheduling your advertisements before the dates they are designed for. You can choose an end and start date within the Budget and Schedule section of creating your ads. This allows you to have several days of grace if your advertisement requires sending to Facebook’s team for approval manually.

The following modifications to the previously scheduled or running ads or ad sets could result in a review process:

Creative (e.g., images, text, hyperlinks, videos, etc.)
Billing event
So, please don’t make any changes to your advertisements until the approval process has been completed since these modifications make it necessary for that review to begin from scratch.

You’re facing scheduling issues

Problem: Unsuspecting scheduling limits advertising reach
Scheduling is another common and minor issue that can hinder your advertisement’s delivery.

In the end, Facebook will only show your ads for the duration you have specified; however, a few possible scheduling issues could stop your advertisement from being displayed:

Your campaign is scheduled to be run shortly.
The deadline has already is over.
Your advertisement, ad set, or campaign has been stopped.
Fix: Update your scheduling.
The solutions are simple. If your campaign is scheduled for a run time shortly, but you would like to get it started now, make edits to your ad’s schedule. The date for the end is over, you can make a new deadline. If your campaign is on pause, then restart it.

Your optimization goal isn’t realistic.

Problem: The absence of conversions
When you select an optimization goal by choosing an optimization goal. You inform Facebook precisely what action you would like your viewers to undertake. This allows Facebook to target your audience better more precisely.

Let’s say that you’ve decided to improve your optimization for clicks. You’re telling Facebook that you’d like to focus on those most likely to click your ads about their engagement in similar advertisements.

Facebook analyzes the value of its users to determine the most appropriate target audience for your goals of optimization:

Facebook advertising user value signs

Selecting the best goals for your campaign goal is crucial to narrowing your target market. However, issues can arise when optimizing to increase conversions.

Optimizing for conversions right from the start isn’t “wrong” in itself, but it can lead to problems with delivery due to the absence of mutations.

This is because when optimizing your ads for converts, Facebook uses conversions to serve as the basis for determining ideal customers. However, if there are no or very few modifications, there are no data to draw from, so the algorithm cannot decide who would be interested in the ad.

Correct: Change the type of conversion or the goal of optimization.

To prevent this from happening To avoid this issue, you should switch to a kind of conversion that’s likely to be more frequent, like making use of”Add To Cart” as an (Buy YouTube Subscribers UK) example “Add to Cart” occasion rather than “Purchase.”

You could also change your optimization objective to focus on clicks on links rather than conversions. In this way, modifications will remain tracked. However, Facebook can also determine who is attracted to your advertisements by analyzing who clicked on them and improving how your ads are displayed to target your desired viewers.

You can change your focus by returning to conversions if you see periodic modifications.

To do this, open Ads Manager, select your advertisement set to edit, and then change the optimization goal from “Link clicks.”

Facebook advertising optimization and delivery section.

It’s also a breeze with Socialfollowerspro. All you need do is go to your campaign’s dashboard and then click on the pencil icon in the optimization goal to change your settings.

Get your Facebook ads delivered

Now you know why your Facebook advertisement is valid and active but not performing (or why it’s being rejected). You know precisely the steps to take if the ads don’t work.

Indeed, you might not be able to solve every problem you have, but this list could keep you from an abundance of unnecessary stress.

If you’re still having issues with your marketing and need an additional pair of eyes to make sure your advertisements are delivering the results you’re hoping for, make yourself a cup of coffee and let socialfollowerspro take care of the work!

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