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Ladies chappal – wear the best for your last impression

The first impression is the last. It is something we often hear about how a person should carry his or her personality. By personality, it means how you dress, what kind of footwear you wear and how you behave. Not always, but most of the time the proverb is quite right. It may be possible that you meet a person for the very first time while roaming around the mall. The person may want to have a pair of shoes the same as you are wearing. And you will not see that person again. Here, your first impression is going to last with that person as a girl with nice shoes.

So, yes, ladies go for a handsome pair of women’s chappals this summer from Servis. Servis has a grand collection of ladies’ chappals with a new variety. Even the casual chappal for ladies has eye-catching designs with pearls and embroidery on them. Moreover, there are gorgeous flat chappals ladies will like to wear with any dress.

Soft chappal for ladies

Sometimes, extra stylish chappals are not that comfy and may cause blisters. These blisters are very painful and burn. Moreover, it may cause spots and blacken the skin of the feet. So, to avoid such a dreadful episode, always purchase soft chappals for ladies from the most popular brand such as Servis. These are super comfortable flat chappal ladies may wear for long-distance walking without getting any blisters or spots on the skin. Moreover, these ladies’ slippers are comfortable while doing daily life chores at home without getting tired. Both style and comfort come side by side. Even the simple chappals have a design that may win all hearts.

In addition to these ladies’ slippers, women love to have branded everything. Because branded items have quality guaranteed. So, in the collection of branded ladies’ chappals, Servis has an unusual combination that may give women’s fashion a new direction. Moreover, these are low-budget as well so most people may benefit from this opportunity.

Twisted ankle? The solution is slippers for women

For weddings and certain big occasions such as Eid, young girls may wear high heels and sandals. However, for those women who may not wear such shoes due to one or another reason, a fancy chappal is the best option. Some of the women may have problems with joints, others may have weight issues, and some may have twisted ankles. For all such ladies, there is a gorgeous collection of beautiful and stylish slippers for women by Servis. All of the fancy chappals have bright colors and pearls are added to enhance the shimmer of these chappals. Moreover, there is embroidery on these fancy chappals as well to make your day delightful and boost your confidence.

Online shopping of ladies’ fancy chappal

Nowadays, a shortage of time is almost every person’s problem. It is due to a busy lifestyle and the need for time. Women are also working with men to meet both ends. So, women are busy with household chores and business as well. For such women, online shopping is the best option because there is no time to go shopping. There are online stores such as Servis which are presenting outstanding ladies’ chappal designs. Moreover, these brands put sale offers on ladies fancy chappals at different times of the year to facilitate customers. Servis stands behind the quality and design of its chappals for women.

Casual chappal for ladies – casual is a new stylish

The most important thing is comfort. We purchase things to make ourselves comfortable. If these things do not meet the requirement, then it is a waste of money. When it comes to spending a whole day and you are not comfortable in your shoes, how painful may the day be? Half of the problems may be sorted out by just remaining calm by wearing soft chappals for ladies. The flip flop slippers for women are the best choice to wear the whole day and for a lot of walking and standing chores. Moreover, casual chappals for ladies also meet the standards of styling and fashion. By casual, it does not necessarily mean that it is not stylish. Have a look at the collection of casual chappals for ladies by Servis. You may get a new meaning for casual 😉


The trend of online shopping in Pakistan is becoming common due to easy access to the internet and other facilities. It is a big facility for working people and women who do not get time to go out shopping in physical shops. Moreover, the brands in Pakistan are presenting premium quality products and make it easy for the nation to get useful items in the comfort zone of their homes. Servis is striving through untiring efforts to make Pakistan the best country by providing the best quality shoes and chappals for everyone. In addition to this, their sales policy and other offers are marvelous. They have outstanding before and after-sales services.

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