What brand of Boxing Gloves to buy?


It is said that boxing is the hardest of all sports, when in fact it is only a possibility. Marc Escayrol, French author and comedian.

Playing combat sports involves a hand-to-hand duel, impeccable footwork, a good shot, kicking precision, good physical condition and determination, cement of mental fortitude to knock out your opponent.

Boxing would have an ancient origin, dating from the 7th century BC. JC – pugilist and Pancrase – but it would have developed in 17th century England.

First clandestinely, then coded with specific rules and mandatory gloves, with foam padding.

All combat sports and martial arts today require specific sports equipment. Taekwondo requires the use of a Dobok, Aikido, Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, or Jujitsu to wear a kimono.

To hit a boxing club, it’s the same.

You need boxing equipment, a complete set to put in your gym bag: mittens, boxing gloves, gloves underneath, boxing shorts, boxing helmets, boxing shoes, boxing equipment (jump rope, tooth protector, chest protector, shin guards).

It is in the criteria for choosing your pair of gloves that the Superprof script has decided to look for in this article: here is a presentation of the best brands of boxing gloves.

Why should you choose your boxing gloves?

When you are a beginner boxer or a beginner boxer, it is important not to choose any boxing gloves. This question should also be at the forefront of considerations before joining a boxing club.

Choose your boxing equipment to practice the sport comfortably.

For boxing, kickboxing, French boxing, full contact, MMA boxing, even leisure boxing – it’s not the same, that’s why you have to make sure you choose the product equivalent to its use that you want to give it.

Used by amateur boxing beginners and competitors, the gloves protect both the boxer and his partner.

In sports such as boxing, the use of protective gloves was made mandatory for the first time in the 16 rules of the Marquis of Queensbury.

These strike coating tools can be made with different materials – leather, synthetic, imitation leather – and serve to cushion the impacts on the phalanges and partner hitting areas (head, chest, abdomen, ribs, shoulders, arms).

The quality boxer gloves will influence the technique and quality of their fight, as well as the practitioners’ comfort and safety.

The idea would never occur to anyone, hopefully, to put the bricks inside the boxing gloves … Similarly gym, gloves set too low can damage the user’s padded hands.

Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the selection and selection of a brand according to its use.

Discover the great history of boxing and gloves!

Choose your boxing gloves according to your level of practice

Ideal for venting, for self-defense, and for self-confidence, boxing requires choosing gloves according to their level and then using that one will make of them.

Choosing good gloves when you are a professional: the key to winning!

If this is “only” going to the boxing ring once a week – which is better than nothing – or more sporadically, low-quality gloves are enough for leisure boxing, while competitors will require a higher-ranking product.

In essence, the frequency of use is largely over-determining the price, finish, and durability of the gloves: a pair of plastic imitation leather entry thirty euros, will last much shorter just a pair of gloves of leather at € 100. The quality of the materials is also an adjustment variable in the choice of your boxing gloves.

Gloves for beginner boxers and beginner boxers are manufactured on the chain, industrially. These will be faux leather and PU black, white, gray, all colors.

PU is not the pathological exudate of bacterial infections, this repulsive yellow liquid is found in wounds (pus) …

It’s polyurethane, a sweat-resistant polymer that can be very elastic.

Therefore, they will be much less expensive and less qualitative than professional boxing gloves, which are sometimes made by hand and from real leather.

Mid-level boxers have access to the mid-range, with a punching bag or boxing gloves with reinforced stitching or padded foam.

Do you need a good reason to start boxing?

Choose your pair of gloves by size and weight

Finally, the last criterion to remember when choosing the type of gloves: size according to their weight.

At first glance, and when you know as much boxing as a homeless person knows worldliness, one might think that all boxing gloves are standard, universal.

However, they are adapted according to the weight of the user: the size of a protective glove is indicated in Oz, an ounce in French. One ounce equals 28.35 grams.

The Oz represents the weight of the glove and the level of its protection.

The shots of a heavyweight boxer (more than 85 kg) with gloves that are too small will be very harsh, but the field of his guard (protection) will be smaller.

But on the other hand, gloves that are too large slowdown movements and render them ineffective.

This is the reason why there are different sizes depending on the weight of the user. Here is a table to see them

What are the brands of boxing gloves?

One might think that, like the beginning guitarist who learns the first chords, it is not the quality of the material that takes precedence, but the play of the musician, verbatim, of the boxer.

There’s no point in having Jimi Hendrix’s Fender Stratocaster learn to play guitar.

The same as learning to box. However, it can be comfortable to have good boxing gloves during regular practice.

These are the most common brands of gloves:

Again, the discrimination between brands will be based on the use of gloves.

Maybe you will become one of the top 10 French boxers …

Where can I find my boxing gloves and at what price?

All brands offer all kinds of gloves: training gloves, boxing gloves, fighting gloves, fighting boxing gloves.

Initiation gloves how much does an initiation pair cost?

This is what he does to neglect his sports equipment: by taking the first prize, we end up losing (the championship)!

Training and initiation gloves under € 50

We found initiation gloves for € 10-12 per pair.

The Domyos brand of gloves, Decathlon, is probably the most competitive on the market: with their € 12.99 starter gloves, flexible molded foam compounds with synthetic leather covering to absorb shocks, and the velcro closure, they will be suitable for everyone beginner boxers at the initiation.

In the beginning, on the site of martial arts and combat sports of the dragon, we find the gloves of the brand Venum, metal boxing, Ringhorns, and Adidas at prices ranging from € 21.98 to € 49.99.

Mid-range boxing gloves

For a regular practice of English boxing or French boxing, Muay Thai or Thai boxing, you will be willing to pay a little more, especially to avoid renewing your equipment too often.

We find in this range the brands Everlast, Venum, Metal Boxing, Montana, or Adidas.

Budget: from € 35 to € 100.

For example, the Everlast Protex² gloves: made of synthetic leather, they include numerous cushions on the palm and pastern.

They will be suitable for regular training, without being a boxing world champion, but at the same time practicing in comfort.

Price: € 59.

High-end professional gloves

At Matos2boxe, for example, Twins’ BGVF Leather gloves are among the best boxing gloves. Highly resistant to pressure, they are designed for high-level boxers.

The lining is made of superior leather, which allows the glove to be durable. Its price: € 110.

One type of high-end gloves is marketed by Dragon Bleu: the official “Cleto” black gloves, from the Reyes brand.

These gloves are approved by the largest federations for use at the World Championships and the European Boxing Combat Championships.

Count € 199 for this type of gloves.

Finally, after choosing the best gloves according to your tastes (color and aesthetics also count), it is recommended to use bandages and gloves or short gloves to limit the use of gloves and limit the use of gloves. humidification of gloves due to perspiration.

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