Some Questions Related to Acoustic Barriers

The main aim of acoustic barriers is to offer a peaceful environment inside your place from noisy neighbours. Recent years have witnessed dynamic growth across the world. The places which till a few years back were regarded lonely areas are now occupied with industries, offices, apartments, etc.

With an increasing population and migration of people from one city to another, has increased the number of vehicles on road. All this has resulted in a noisy environment around us.

It would not be wrong to say that whether we are at our house or office, there is hardly any place where we can find a peaceful environment. To cope with this problem nowadays, the trend of installing acoustic doors, acoustic barriers, acoustic panels, etc, has become a common trend. All these items stop the entrance of irritating sound inside our place. 

This has increased the use of all these noise controlling equipment in the entire world, and people are now using them to work peacefully in their offices, houses, and different places. Installing acoustic barriers helps in providing a relaxing solution from the sounds coming from construction sites, roadsides, neighbours, etc. Still, there are some people who hesitate in using these barriers for controlling the effects of sound on their work and health. 

They have some questions regarding the benefits offered by these barriers. Keeping this fact in concern this article tries to provide answers to some frequently asked related to the noise and acoustic barriers.

How Do Acoustic Barriers Work?

To understand the working of acoustic barriers, just do an exercise.  Close your ears with your hands, and notice the change. You will not be able to listen to the sound taking place around you. The acoustic barriers work in the same way. The only difference is that they are installed in your ears but across the exterior boundary of your place. They may be available in form of panels and doors. They work in three ways

  1. The bounce the sound back to the surface of its origin, or
  2. Absorb the sound, or
  3. Let the sounds move above your place. 

The reality is that standard acoustic barriers contain all these properties.

Which Acoustic Barrier is Best To Control the Sound?

An answer to this question in a simple word is that a barrier that offers you relaxation from irritating noises. Anyhow the barrier that is capable of absorbing the excessive sound is best for use. The only problem with this type of barrier is that compared to other acoustic barriers, it is expensive. Going through this reason, people mostly prefer to use reflective acoustic barriers.

Is it Possible to Use Hedges and Trees as Acoustic Barriers?

There is a myth among lots of people that foliage is the best way to control the sound effects. Due to this lot of people grow trees and hedges around their offices and houses. Doing this will only minimize the frequency of sound, but will not offer you complete relaxation. Therefore, growing hedges and foliage is not a permanent option.

Do Permanent Acoustic Barriers Offer Better Solution than Temporary Barriers?

 An answer to this question in a single word is “NO”. Today, there is a plethora of temporary acoustic barriers available in the market which are capable of controlling all types of sound effects. The worth mentioning benefit of these barriers is that they are less expensive and offer sound free atmosphere. They are easy to install and do not require any specific maintenance. One more interesting benefit of temporary acoustic barriers is that you can install and remove them according to your needs. 

Is It a Good Idea to Install Lightweight Acoustic Barriers?

These types of barriers are normally used on construction sites or during events like trade fairs. They have a single layer to control the impacts of sound. They are capable of absorbing sounds of high frequency, and therefore sounds of low frequency easily move across them. If you are looking for a lightweight acoustic barrier, then installing a multi-layer barrier is the best option.

Is It Necessary to Place Acoustic Barriers in a Proper Position?

Yes, the position of an acoustic barrier plays an important role in offering the expected results. The simple rule of thumb in this regard is to place the barrier close to the source from whom you want to protect yourself. 

Conclusion: Today when all of us are having a hectic working schedule, we all look to enjoy a peaceful sleep and a peaceful environment at home. Even at the office due to the excess of professional responsibilities, we want peace to focus on our work. Interestingly the use of acoustic barriers can help to cope with this problem

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