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You might think that the best restaurant marketing plans are complicated and require a team of “experts” to get the right information. But what if you knew that a marketing plan for a restaurant is easy to understand and prepare? Some important sections must be known and adopt appropriate and successful marketing strategies to prepare an effective marketing plan. This article presents the most important elements of the marketing plan that must be included in your marketing plan with a sample marketing plan for a restaurant in pdf.

Why do you need a strong restaurant marketing plan?

You might think you don’t need a restaurant marketing plan because many restaurants have never resorted to advertising or social media and have been the neighborhood favorite for decades.

Their business is built on word of mouth – one of the most useful marketing tools. Word of mouth is great, but when it comes to expanding or reopening a restaurant after months of closing, you need to count on more than just the possibility that a customer will love your food and tell their friends about it. This is where marketing plans come in. So we will provide a pdf restaurant marketing plan template.

As with anything else in life, failure to prepare equals failure. Your marketing plan is your guide throughout the year to look for opportunities at public holidays and cultural events; It is your marketing budget that will help reduce risks and reduce overspending; It’s your insight into customer behavior and attitudes; It drives you to deliver a great experience and achieve your financial goals.

So, where do you start? First, examine the situation in its entirety before proceeding. Next, find out where your restaurant is currently located and where its goals should be headed.

Three steps to preparing a marketing plan

Before you share a ready-made pdf restaurant marketing plan template, we present some basic steps that must be considered before and during the preparation of your marketing plan.

First: define your goal

Defining your objective is the first and most important step of any restaurant marketing plan. What is your original objective? Obtaining new customers? Increase the average profit? To become the most popular restaurant for the type of food in your city or culture?

Creating marketing plans and strategies should be governed by the set objective. Everything.

Why is goal setting so important? Because you can’t reach a goal if you don’t know where to go. And you can’t have multiple goals for the same plan. Of course, the same plan can lead to multiple benefits, but your goal should be the one you decide is most important to your business. So choose an overarching goal with which both small and short-term goals will be achieved.

Now that you have defined your goal, you need to measure your progress.

Second: Choose tools and methods to measure your progress and success.

Based on the goal you set in the first step of preparing a marketing plan for a restaurant pdf, identify the metrics that give you the best indicator of your progress?

Third: Understand and determine the budget

A restaurant marketing plan should also include a summary of what you can spend to get a new customer? Your response to this question will help you comprehend your performance to turn your marketing plan into a money-making machine. It will be based on three simple numbers: average revenue volume, average traffic per customer, and net margin.

Multiply these three numbers to get the value of customer retention. Then use outside of this equation to understand how much you can spend. For example, if the average customer spends $20 per visit and visits five times in their lifetime, with an average net margin of 20 percent, they earn $20. This means that you can spend up to $19.99 to gain a new customer profitably.

The campaign will be profitable as long as acquiring a new customer is less than the net profit per customer. In addition, the lower the cost of customer acquisition, the higher your profit.

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Elements of a Marketing Plan for a Restaurant

First, build your brand strategy.


You probably already have a logo, a well-designed menu, and other embellishments to make your restaurant look like a cohesive brand, making the marketing task easier.

But does the customer know what your restaurant has to offer by sitting at a table for the first time? Does the interior design reflect the brand? What image do furniture, artwork, crockery, and glassware give your restaurant?

All visual elements create your brand and the associated experience. They should all collaborate to create a smooth customer journey from the initial search on your website to when they sit down and eat their meal. Make all the focal points of your restaurant look like a cool, casual, fusion, or fine dining venue.

Create a mission statement

Without a strong mission statement, the above cannot be achieved to its full potential. Your restaurant’s mission statement explains its “why.” Why do you make the food you make, why is your service different from other restaurants, and why should customers come and be a part of your experience.

The problem, however, is that most mission statements are excessive and full of buzzwords and clich├ęs. So keep your mission statement short and nice, centered around why you’re opening your restaurant and what you will offer customers.

Second, select your audience

Among the important sections included in a pdf restaurant marketing plan template in this article, we identify customers or target audiences. Knowing your customers is crucial. First, the better you know them. Then, the more targeted your marketing will be.

Researching your audience is as easy as categorizing them according to their personalities or types. Are your customers different during the day than at night? What are they asking? What are they wearing? Where are they going? You can answer many questions for each client, and when your vision is formed, the ‘ideal customer’ becomes clear.

Certified Public Accountant turned restaurateur, and bestselling author Roger Fields believes that effective market research allows you to:

  • Analyze the kind of customers you will attract
  • Focus on the best foods to serve
  • Predict average realistic check amounts
  • Choose the most effective marketing channels and campaigns.
  • Find the most profitable meal service hours and periods.

Third: Analyze the competition in the marketing plan

Competition analysis will lead to pricing and menu ideas, but it can also serve as inspiration. For example, you have 3 types of competitors:

  • Occasionally: Restaurants with similar menus are located in nearby locations.
  • Exterior: Restaurant with different menus and locations but can offer some competition through common customer demographics.

The great advantage of opening a restaurant is to eat large quantities of food under the guise of experiencing competition. Find out what works and doesn’t, insights into their busy schedules and regular customers, and how much money they make.

The digital space must be included in competitor analysis. Find out how they promote themselves online and on social media and their promotions throughout the week. Also, knowing what meals they offer is invaluable knowledge and can help with your decision-making.

Fourth: Work on Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What product or meal distinguishes you from the rest of the competitors, and will people be eager to return? For example, this may be the way you cook or serve food.

This indicates that customers desire novel and distinctive products. So if your marketing plan offers a unique experience, it’s a foolproof way to get first-time customers.

Fifth: Digital Marketing Plan – Strategy, Tools, and Tips

Now that you have a clear restaurant marketing plan in mind and have your target audience in mind, it’s time to back it up by planning to build followers on digital platforms.

No restaurant – new or established – can expect to grow or even survive without a strong digital presence and an engaged audience.

Your website and social media channels offer a glimpse of your restaurant’s atmosphere, so your online presence must inspire and encourage people to visit.

A summary

The most important sections of a restaurant marketing plan are very simple. Effective marketing becomes a simple math equation once you have determined your marketing objective, measured progress, and how much you can spend. Now that you have a sample restaurant marketing plan pdf, you can market your restaurant like a pro. Use this marketing plan framework to articulate your vision and unite your team.

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