How to draw Chibiterasu Cartoon Fox

How to easily draw Chibiterasu with this video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Lessons for cartoons for beginners and everyone. Also read princess drawing
Step 1
Let’s get started? First, make two shapes, one for the head and one for the body, as you see here. Then draw with the face guide you see on the face.
Step 2
Now it’s time to sketch Chibiterasu’s head and face. This can be done by making an arrow shape on the lower part of the face. The right ear should go up and go to the third step when you are done.
Step 3
Draw detailed lines in the ear, then draw a small almond shape before Chibiterasu’s eyes. Then, draw a tribal-like tattoo pattern under each eye as you see here and proceed to step four.
Step 4
Now, all you have to do here is draw the sun symbol on your forehead, making two lines as lines above and below the circle. Next, sniff the little nose and then the mouth.
Step 5
Now it’s time to start pulling the front legs and feet, as you see here, and then pulling the chest.
Step 6
Continue pulling on the rest of the body, such as the back, back, and hind legs. Once this is done, you can start by painting the tip of the serotonin brush over the shoulder.
Step 7
To complete this drawing, sketch the raised tail, draw two curls in the blue marker, and draw on one side of the body with stem marks and paint. You can also draw lines on your fingers, then proceed to the eighth step after deleting the lines and shapes drawn in the first step.
Step 8
The next thing you need to do is color the game character and move on to your next tutorial. I hope you enjoyed learning how to draw Chibiterasu, and this is a really interesting lesson to learn.

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