Is the QuickBooks Error 6190 77 Causing Trouble? Do This!

Want to know how to fix QuickBooks error 6190? Getting error message 6190 in QuickBooks? This error makes the user unable to access company file data. The error message pops up suddenly and might even freeze your computer screen or cause Windows to perform improperly. The error can arise due to multiple reasons. If you need help with QuickBooks error 6190 77, here are the reasons for the error and user-friendly steps to fix it.

If you are unable to troubleshoot the error code and need help, contact us at 1.855.738.2784 to get assistance from our technical team.

Why Does the Error Arise?

The following possible reasons can be behind the error –

  1. More than one user is trying to access the company file in single-user mode.
  2. There is a mismatch between the transaction file and the company file.
  3. The Network descriptor file is corrupted or damaged.
  4. The company file is damaged.

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Solving the QuickBooks Error 6190 77

Go through the steps given below to fix the error.

Step 1 – Ensure that the Company File is Saved Locally

If the file is saved in a network server, the error is bound to occur.

  1. Copy your company file to your system’s local drive or QuickBooks File Web.
  2. Open QuickBooks and try accessing the company file from the new folder location.

Step 2 – Use the File Doctor

Repair any minor issues in your QuickBooks application by using the QuickBooks File Doctor tool from the QuickBooks Tool hub. Go to Company File Issues and run the tool.

Step 3 – Add .OLD to the .ND and .TLG File Names

These files allow access to company files in multi-user mode. Fix the file issues by renaming them to resolve the QuickBooks error code 6190 77.

  1. Open your company file folder and find the .ND and .TLG files with the same file names as your company file.
  2. Right-click on the files and select Rename.
  3. Add .OLD to the file names and press Enter to save.

Step 4 – Fixing the Damaged Folder

Recreate the damaged folder to fix the folder issues causing the error 6190 77 in QuickBooks.

  1. On your C: drive, create a new folder.
  2. Open your company file folder and find the .qbw file.
  3. Right-click and Copy the file into the newly created folder.
  4. Provide permissions to the new folder to access the company file.
  5. Open QuickBooks and access the file from the new location.

Step 5 – Configuring the Firewall Settings

Add QuickBooks to the firewall exceptions list.

  1. Type Windows Firewall on the start menu and open it.
  2. Go to Advanced Settings and select Inbound Rules. Click on New Rule and select Program.
  3. Click on This Program Path and find an executable file. Select it and press Next.
  4. Click on Allow the Connection and mark all the profiles. Create a new rule.
  5. Repeat the above steps and create Outbound Rules.
  6. Open QuickBooks and see if the error is resolved.


This 5 step guide will help you put an end to the QuickBooks error 6190 77. If the error persists, you can take assistance from our technical team by dialing 1.855.738.2784

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