Error 15101 QuickBooks Update: Quickly Resolved

Payroll update error is among the most common troubles with accounting software. QuickBooks is also no different from others in this regard. 

The QuickBooks software is essential for those running small and medium business firms. It helps in the systematic organization of financial data. However, technical errors such as the Error 15101 QuickBooks Update can become a hurdle.

Any technical error is meant to be resolved through certain steps. A user can troubleshoot the error herself by following the steps. However, if circumstances do not permit following them or there is an urgent need for expert assistance, she can contact our professional team at 1-855-948-3646

What is QuickBooks 15101?

15101 is a technical code that is given by the QuickBooks Software to a payroll update error. This error causes a validation failure to the update file. Consequently, the software cannot allow the update further. The main reasons for the Error 15101 to Occur are either due to an outdated QuickBooks software use or attempting an update with an improper installation of the software.

It May arise as any of the two following formats of popups on the user’s screen

  • Error 15101: Payroll update unsuccessful
  • Error 15101: Update unsuccessful

In either case, ‘A file cannot be validated’ shall be a common note.

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QuickBooks Software Payroll Services

Error 15101 does not make the payroll services of the software any less useful.
The payroll is an important financial aspect of every business organization. QuickBooks understands that hence its payroll plans come with diversity and competitive pricing. A user can choose from the following types of payroll plans:

  • The QuickBooks Core Payroll Plan
  • The QuickBooks Premium Payroll Plan
  • The QuickBooks Elite Payroll Plan

All the above plans can serve with the calculation of total wages, pay schedules, deductions, etc. The payroll services from QuickBooks erase the need to chalk a detailed calculation and learn about prior pay stubs, gross wages, tax tables, etc. With the payroll services, there is no need to keep a separate track of the tax and wage history as well. The software does the job smoothly as long as it does not encounter any errors.

How to Resolve Error 15101?

The QB error 15101 occurs when the QuickBooks software cannot validate a file. The file or the payroll update file the user wishes to download fails the validation and gives rise to the popup stating 15101. The ideal way is to resolve the error by turning off the User Auto Control in Windows OS. It shall prompt the software to validate the file when you attempt the update again. However, if the turning off did not resolve the issue, the user can follow the following steps:

  • Cut all the windows of QuickBooks on your desktop and click on the install later button if an immediate popup arises.
  • Move to update the software to the latest version and then close and reopen.
  • There shall be a popup to install an update; click on install now.
  • Open the QuickBooks desktop directly after the installation or after restarting your system and go for the payroll tax table updates.
  • If the error persists, follow the uninstallation and reinstall the QuickBooks through selective start-up mode.

Summing Up

The above steps will resolve the Error 15101 QuickBooks Update without any hassle. However, despite pursuing these steps, you can contact our team of professionals through the 1-855-948-3646 if you encounter the same error somehow. They are available to assist you everywhere.

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