5 Reasons to Make Use of Flyers to Advertise Special Event

Whenever you set up a special event, whether it is a sale, concert, or even the opening of a store, the first thing you want to make sure of is that people can comprehend the event. Television, radio, billboards, and newspapers are some of the ways to do this. Many small businesses cannot afford these media outlets, which will make announcing a special event more difficult.

One promotional method that has been around for years is word of mouth. Word of mouth is how advertising as we know it began. Word of mouth advertising is at the core of advertising, and it has evolved in recent years with the growth of social media. Small businesses can use free channels like Facebook and Twitter to promote their business offerings and special events. Though this can be a cost-effective approach, spreading the word and promoting your event can be an exhausting task.

It is because of this that social media sites such as Facebook are often viewed as a useful support channel for discussing special events and promotions. Furthermore, they are a great way for businesses to communicate with their customers during and after the event.

Despite social media’s potential in helping to generate some attention and create buzz about an event, it is important to keep in mind some of the tried and true methods of marketing that have been around for a long time.s. Direct marketing methods such as flyers are one example.

5 reasons to use flyers to promote your event:

1. Reach your audience:

person writing on white paper

In addition to announcing special events, flyers are great for reaching your target audience in a variety of ways, including:

  • Door to Door Drop off mails
  • Newspaper inserts
  • Street Distribution
  • In-store Distribution

2. Be inventive:


When you choose to announce your event through flyers, make sure to use event flyer templates to promote your event. You have many options for how creative you can be. If you are planning a sales event or an open day, make sure that your flyer stands out while highlighting your main message. Flyers are usually A4 or A5, and may even be two-sided, giving you more room to convey your message. Consider folding or folding your poster as another way to enhance it.

3. Something tangible:


A brochure is also a tangible way to advertise an event. If people can grasp the flyer, you are already halfway there to prove your point. Depending on how your flyer is created and printed, you may influence whether your customer wants more information. You should make sure that your flyer stands out, as well as ensure that your message is easy to read. Having a top-quality print finish on your flyers can be an advantage in your client’s likelihood of picking up the flyer to read it.

4. Incentives:


You can also include incentives like coupons or vouchers on the flyer. This is a great way to increase awareness and drum up attendance at your event. Consider using your flyer to reward the first 20 people to use one of your coupon codes with a special discount.

5. Measurable:


Coupon codes are usually a good way to gauge how successful your marketing campaign has been. Analyze your event flyers to see how effective it was, and take away what you can use to improve your next event. You can determine the success of your flyer marketing campaign by adding flyer numbers, custom URLs, and QR codes.

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