The QuickBooks Direct Deposit Issues and how to Resolve them

The direct deposit method is an attractive offering from QuickBooks that eliminates the need for traditional paperwork. Nowadays, it is the ideal way, and the employees in most firms prefer this method. They get their payroll sorted without the hassle that was present in the old way. However, when the QuickBooks direct deposit issues arise, all the benefits take a toll. 

When your QuickBooks interface encounters these issues, it will delay the payroll drastically. As a result, the entire firm’s functioning may see negative effects. But these issues can see the resolution through analytical steps. Some of them will come into this discussion shortly. However, if your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to follow them, delegating it to the professionals by contacting our team can help. 

Issues that a User Faces with QB Direct Deposits

The two common issues that may arise with the Direct Deposit feature of QuickBooks are as follows:

 ‘Direct deposit did not reach the employee’ 

 ‘Payroll information transmission failed’

These issues may appear without any warning, and you may not anticipate them. However, you can resolve them in the following ways:

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Solution: If the QuickBooks Direct Deposit was Rejected or did not reach the Employee

  • When this issue arises with QuickBooks, the first thing to do is to verify the Direct Deposit information of the concerning employee.
  • You must begin that by clicking on the Employees option on your QuickBooks desktop software, be it Windows or Mac. Theron, move to the employee list and open the respective employee’s details by double-clicking.
  • Now, click on the payroll info where you must choose the direct deposit option to view and verify the data. Further, you can also update the data if needed.
  • Once you confirm that the QuickBooks Direct Deposit was rejected due to the previous reason, you can proceed with manually entering a deposit.
  • For that, first, you must navigate to the Banking menu and then click on the option stating ‘Make Deposit’. Thereon, go to the ‘Deposit To’ option to view the list of recipient bank accounts and choose the account you want to deposit to.
  • Next, open the QuickBooks payroll service in the received from option and enter the Direct Deposit Liabilities account. It shall be present in the ‘From Account’ section.
  • Here you will come across the memo, wherein, you must enter the employee’s name, rejected amount, payment method etc. And finally, click on the Save button and close the window.

Solution: If the Issue Shows the Transmission Failed: QuickBooks Direct Deposit error,

  • The main reason for this issue could be due to improper employee details. So, you must rectify the same in such a case.
  • However, to resolve this QuickBooks Direct Deposit error, you must first run the QB desktop software as an Admin. Thereon, switch to the single-user mode if it’s running on multi-user mode already and navigate to the Employee Information section. It shall be visible in the employee center of the software.
  • From there, you can verify the information to see if it is proper and does not have any unnecessary spaces or characters. If it’s otherwise, then modify the information and send payroll again.

Summing Up 

The above methods will resolve the common QuickBooks Direct Deposit issues quickly. However, despite following them, if the same issue appears or you encounter a different issue, you can contact our team through 1.855.738.2784. They are available for your help everywhere.

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