Here’s is the best method that will Help fix QuickBooks Error H202.

QuickBooks multi-user mode feature allows multiple users to work on the company file at the same time, reducing the workload on a single user. The process requires installing QuickBooks on the server computer and connecting it with different workstations so that every user that is connect to the server can access the company data. Setting up roles is also possible for special cases. Sometimes, when there are configuration issues, QuickBooks displays errors like QuickBooks Error Code H202, troubleshooting which requires several troubleshooting steps. In this article we will discuss the causes that prompts QuickBooks error H202 and its troubleshooting steps for a quick rectification.

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Reasons that Trigger QuickBooks Error Code H202

One of the primary cause of the QuickBooks Desktop error code H202 is running an outdated QuickBooks Desktop software on workstation or on the server. Some other reasons include the following issues:

  1. Network configuration errors causing difficulties for the QuickBooks on the user workstation to connect with the server computer.
  2. Company file location has been changed due to which QuickBooks can’t connect to it.
  3. Antivirus application installed on the server is preventing QuickBooks to connect with other computers in the network.

NOTE: Running an update of the QuickBooks Desktop application is always suggested before troubleshooting any error in the application. So make sure you have an updated QuickBooks Desktop software.

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Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Multi-user Error H202

Step 1: Verify Workstation Connectivity with the Server Computer

  1. Open the command prompt window by typing cmd in the Run window.
  2. Now type PING (Server IP Address) and hit Enter.
  3. Verify if the workstation computer receives all the packets sent to the server.
  4. If some packets are lost or you receive no packets back then contact your IT administrator for help.

Step 2: Verify the Company File Location on the Hard-Drive

  1. Go to the server computer and take a note of the company file path.
  2. Now on the server computer open QuickBooks and make sure that the path for the company file matches that is saved on the server.
  3. If not then, change the path or move the company file to the right folder location.

Step 3: Disable Windows Third-party Security Apps

Turn-off the Firewall and Anti-virus application installed on your computer and check if you can access the company file now. If yes, then you need add QuickBooks to the list of allowed programs in the settings of such security applications to resolve QuickBooks Desktop error H202.

In case, none of the troubleshooting steps help you resolve QuickBooks error H202 then we suggest you dial 1.855.738.2784 for better troubleshooting help and assistance.

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