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5 Reasons You Must Go For Fresh Flowers on Your Wedding Day

We, the Wedding Flower Decoration lovers, divide the world into two categories of people; those who like flowers and the rest.

Honestly, I really want to meet someone who does not like flowers because there are some lit questions that I wanna ask. Like,

What is about flowers that you don’t like-

The delightful sight?

Their magical impact on us?

The soul-enriching fragrance?

The way they bring life to a place?

No seriously, I have to ask all of it because; I have yet to come across someone who does not like flowers.

Anyways, I have heard that there are some people out there who are not fond of flowers. And, what sounds even more unbelievable is that some brides are also not so fond of flowers. How is that even possible? How do you plan to give that bride vibe? What about that tradition of throwing the bouquet in the air? Well, in this blog we are going to talk to that group of people who are still thinking about whether they should hold flowers on their big day or not?

In this blog, we have discussed the top 5 reasons you must hold a wedding bouquet on your wedding and must have Wedding Arrangements décor.

Shall we begin?

Here we go.

1.       To APPEAR as a bride

We know all about this new minimalist look. Brides go for a more natural-looking makeup these days. And, there is a new type of makeup i-e ‘no makeup look’. How do you plan to get identified as a bride i-e the main person of the event? Shouldn’t there be something to say about you? In your photos, you don’t want to look like another bridesmaid.

Well a wedding dress, of course. But, not each bride wears a white or over-the-top fancy dress. Some keep it low and choose non-whites too. Most brides choose hairstyles that look casual and breezy.

And some couples want to bring more drama into their stories and elope, to be back with a BANG!

Well, this is for them. A bride should hold a bouquet to put out the information that she is the bride and it’s her wedding day. With the minimalist look and in the absence of a bouquet, people can mistake the wedding function for an engagement.

2.       Add fragrance to the event

In the past, people used flowers at big events because bathing used to be an annual ritual. To compensate for the stale smell, people used to use fresh flowers on memorable days of their lives.

Although those days are gone now flowers are still a great way to make an event more beautiful. Although most people use flowers only to add to the appearance of the venue, they tend to overlook fragrance. Fragrance can add so much romance, freshness as well as nostalgia to your big day. Using fresh Wedding Flower Decoration at your wedding can bring whole new life to your wedding day.

3.       People associate Wedding Arrangements décor with the couple

Well, this ain’t a brainer. We tend to wear our nicest perfume when we want to make an impression. The first vibe that people get about us goes into opinion-making about ourselves. That’s why we invest a lot of our energies into making our first impression. That is the reason we must make everything perfect when we want to make a moment eternal. The same is the case with wedding décor arrangement.

When you use peonies or roses for your wedding day, you are making a statement about your relationship. You can use all kinds of flowers to send out a message or values that are held while entering into this relationship. Whatever message you have conveyed to the world, people will associate it with you as a couple. Whenever you will meet your friends or family, they will think of the same scent and the same feeling they felt at your wedding. It works oppositely too. Whenever they will spot the same flowers or the same scent, they’ll think of your wedding.

What a colorful and scented way to be remembered.

4.       Something to Recall Memories

It’s amazing how few fragrances and songs can bring back the time that exists only in your memories.

Weddings can take place without flowers. Yes, you can do it even without Wedding Flower Decoration, but then you have left the biggest event bland. You can paint it with something that people can take in their memories bag. What better way to paint it with flowers and their scent.

This is not just for the guests. It holds valid for you as well. Whenever there is a rough patch in your relationship, you can go to the bouquet of the same flowers to express your love to your partner, to tell him/her that you still hold those values close to your heart.

5.       Make a statement or complement a theme

Different flowers symbolize different things. You can use these flowers to make a statement as a couple, or as a partner. Specific flowers can be used in particular settings, to set a particular mood, and to complement a specific theme. For example, if you want to go for a country theme or Bollywood theme, there are particular flowers for all vibes and themes.

Final Word

Flowers are a great way to beautify the wedding event. They not only enhance the overall appearance and vibe of the wedding venue but also help in adding to the non-tangible assets of an event. They help create memories more tangibly. Although there are many alternatives for fresh flowers, they can never be a replacement for fresh Wedding Flower Decoration because no amount of artificial measure can add the same romance and freshness to a venue as do flowers.

If you think flowers are out of your budget, or if you are confused about any aspect of flowers, get in touch with a professional florist. They can guide you about the Best Flower Arrangements you must get for yourself. They can help you pick the flowers that resonate with your personality. All the while you can be within your wedding budget. Why should you settle for something artificial when professional and reputable florists at Emilia Flowers can help you pick the right wedding arrangement décor. Our customers call us the best flower shop in California for a reason. The reason is: we provide over-the-top services at the most affordable budget.

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