7 Top Universities in Spain for International Students

1. University of Valencia

The University of Valencia, located in the third-largest city in Spain, on the beautiful Mediterranean coast, has a rich history.

First opening its doors in 1499, it is one of the oldest active universities in Spain. The three main campuses are scattered throughout the city but are located close enough to the coast that you can quickly run to the beach.

Don’t let the different Catalan dialects spoken in Valencia confuse you. Most of the locals also speak Spanish, just be sure to sign up for classes taught in Spanish or English, not Catalan!

2. Pablo de Olavide University

Pablo de Olavide University is located near the center of Seville and covers a vast territory. A short bus ride takes you to the heart of Seville, where you can stroll through the pedestrianized streets and experience the birthplace of flamenco.

This beautiful university was built in 1997 and offers many modern amenities. Including university wi-fi, on-campus residences, sports fields, and a huge library.

It has only 10,000 students and there are not as many program options as other universities. But you will get a more traditional university experience and make better friends with other students.

3. University of Granada

The University of Granada is the fourth largest educational institution in Spain.

It hosts a large percentage of international students every year. The university is considered not only one of the best universities in Spain but also one of the best universities for international students.

The educational institution consists of five campuses and offers a wide range of subjects for study. So all your requirements will be satisfie.

In addition, here you will meet students from all over the world. Just try not to switch to your native language if you want to learn Spanish!

4. Salaman University

If you don’t want to live in a big city and you don’t like to listen to lectures in crowded halls, then the University of Salaman is definitely the right place for you.

While studying in this small town steeped in history, you will immerse yourself in the daily life of the Spaniards and their culture. With the unique title of the oldest university in Spain. The University of Salaman is a popular destination for students from all over the world.

5. Deusto University

The University of Deusto is not just a private educational institution. It is the oldest private university in Spain, where the first business school in Spain was founded.

This academically and historically important university attracts both local Spanish applicants and a large number of international students.

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Traveling to the north of Spain, to the Basque Country, students can experience a mixture of Spanish, French, and Basque culture and language.

6. Antonio Nebriha University

Despite being a relatively small institution with around 4,000 students across three campuses, Antonio Nebrija University accepts international students.

In this private university, located in the heart of the Spanish capital, international students find themselves integrated into classes with Spaniards.

This institution is located in the center of noisy and bustling Madrid. Combines a small size with all the privileges and program options of its larger brothers.

7. Complutense University of Madrid

This university is constantly include in the list of the best universities in Spain. In addition, he has the title of the most prestigious educational institution in Spain.

Looking at the list of its most famous alumni who have received various awards, you are sure to be motivated to study.

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The university places great emphasis on research and provides the opportunity to learn from world leaders in its field. A large number of students and the spirit of a big city can be a difficult test for some, but this university is worth it if you find your place in it.

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