What makes Angular 12 and 13 the opposite?

As a business owner, your only concern is that you want to build your company’s digital solution using Angular. The Angular version used by your developers has no effect on you. However, if you choose to do this writing, it may change your perspective.

Mobile and web applications are now an integral part of the personal and professional lives of people from all over the world. The changes brought about by digitalization, the proliferation of the Internet, and the appearance of intelligent technology are changing. These changes are forcing digital solutions development agencies to look for better options.

When it comes to building mobile and web platform applications, Angular is one of the best. It is a JavaScript format written in TypeScript. Google is its creator and sender. This tech giant has released it to split the application base into DOM control.

In fact, experts are using the term “Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework” because of the amazing and amazing highlights. All Angular features help developers and angular web development company projects to create rich and powerful applications without collisions of any kind.

Angular has a few powerful features, but its main selling point is the fact that it is a product from Google. The latest version of this web framework is based on TypeScript Angular 13, but most agencies still use Angular 11 and 12.

Now, he is a business owner who is committed to investing in Angular development services. You have nothing to do with the version of the framework that your developers use to build your digital solution. However, understanding the differences that separate the three Angular versions may help you choose the right development firm.

After all, the choice of framework and its features depends entirely on the needs of your project. That’s the only thing you know.

Angular Features 12

An angular web development company of your choice may use Angular 12 which came out on 12 May 2021. Prior to the release of Angular 13, this, apparently, was a very new version. Highly noticeable improvements to Angular 12 include webpack 5 support, style enhancement, TypeScript 4.2, etc.

From i18n asset message IDs

Since the introduction of the 11th version of Angular, new functions have been used for new message IDs. They also have the tools needed to streamline existing efforts through current interpretation. This version uses asset message ID programs and a system called i18n.

Now, these legacy message IDs are often weak as problems can arise at any time. These problems are less than white in order to keep the voices and organizations of the ICU at bay. The community had no choice but to move away from it as a way of dealing with it.

Planning for the future with Protractor

The Protractor’s fate is currently in the hands of a team of Angular creators and the Angular community. Currently, they are reviewing the input allocated to the RFC and trying to figure out what the future holds for the Protractor.

A team of creators has chosen to stop including new features. And, according to available information, they will provide a few alternatives with reliable and respected external systems in the Angular CLI.

Support IE11 reduction

Just ask an engineer working with a top mobile application development company in the USA. They will say that this web framework is always green, and it stays on the same page as the web ecosystem.

By eliminating the support of legacy browsers, Angular can focus on modern programming and provide additional assistance to customers and designers.

TypeScript 4.2

TypeScript 4.2 support is probably one of the most important updates for Angular 12.2. It appeared on the 23rd of February and brought a few exciting features and major changes. These changes affected Angular 12, as well as its developers.

A few special features of TypeScript 4.2 include changes to abstract build signatures, tuple types, advanced alias types, enhancements to the operator, and additions to the integration process.

Angular Features 13

Finally, it is time to review the features introduced by Angular 13. The latest release date for this web framework is 3 November 2021. If you want to know about Angular 13 features, you will find a few of them. specified below.

Watch engine non-availability

The new version of Angular 13 no longer supports Legacy View Engine. The problem with View Engine is that it tends to be more expensive when it is repaired. It also increases the complexity of the Angular 13 codebase.

The creators wanted to eliminate these problems completely. That’s why they made Ivy the only “watch engine” web framework that would support it.

Angular Package Format Changes

The APF or Angular Package Format identifies the structure and format of the Angular Framework packages and View Engine metadata. It is an amazing strategy to pack all the third-party libraries in the web development area.

There have been a few important changes in the latest version of AFP. The top mobile application development company in the USA does not have to worry about older output formats, not even other View Engine-specific metadata. After all, Angular 13 is no longer available.

No more IE11 support

Since version 13 of Angular, the web framework will not support Internet Explorer 11. Removing IE11 support will have a positive effect as it will reduce bulk size while facilitating faster loading times.

Additionally, Angular 13 can use features of modern browsers, such as CSS flexibility and web animation with native web APIs. It may be because of this development.

TypeScript 4.4 support

The only major mobile app development company in the USA that uses Angular 13 because it supports TypeScript 4.4. Understandably, versions that come before TypeScript 4.4.2 no longer have the support of the mind.


With this writing, you have found the definition of the difference between Angular 11, 12, and 13. Yes, there are many things you should know, but it is not possible to include them all in this article.

Other than that, the title is not as simple as it seems. If you need a deeper understanding, you should contact application development agencies like Moon Technolabs. It is one of the best applications, web, and software development agencies.

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