Damascus steel knives

Damascus knives are sung by writers and artists. In the old days, a Damascus steel blade cost a fortune and could only be owned by a member of the nobility. With each century, they were overgrown with legends and myths, and today they are already perceived as a legend.

But in reality, such a blade is now available and popular not only among collectors, but also among professionals of various specialties – they are used in hunting, fishing, and for further harvesting of fish.

A bit of history

Damascus steel got its name from the city of Damascus – a blade made of such metal was first found there. Damascus steel is a type of steel that consists of different grades of metal that are reforged many times to improve their properties.

Interestingly, in Damascus, steel was not melted and blades were not forged. But it was a large trading center specializing in daggers. From the 3rd century BC and until the beginning of the 18th century, people came here specifically to buy a good knife – Damascus became the weapons center of Europe. 

Features and properties of Damascus knives

Damascus steel comes in two types:


refers to this type only nominally, only one blank is used. During repeated reforging, harmful impurities are removed from the metal, thereby improving its consumer characteristics – strength, sharpness, and preservation. The quality of such a blade reaches cosmic heights! But such blades are not distinguished by amazing beauty – in their production. There is no goal to create an original pattern.

Welding steel is more popular. 

To work with a knife, several steel blanks with different carbon content and different properties are used at once. Carbon in Damascus steel can be up to 1.3%. High-carbon layers make the blade more durable, and very hard, while low-carbon layers. Which cannot be hardened, making it flexible and ductile.

You can buy a Damascus knife for aesthetic reasons. His blade is covered in unique patterns that are created by layering different types of steel. Therefore, Damascus steel knives are not polished to preserve the pattern, and some manufacturers, on the contrary, enhance the effect using polishing and etching technologies. Due to their beautiful appearance and unique decors on the blade. Damascus blades are often purchased as a gift for a man.

Benefits of Damascus steel

The main advantages include the following:

  • The blade stays sharp for a very long time and retains its sharpness. According to real reviews of professional hunters, you can butcher an elk, a beaver, several wild boars, or a couple of tens of kilos of fish without additional sharpening. Therefore, hunters love Damascus knives so much – they have all the necessary qualities;
  • the optimal combination of strength and ductility due to the use of metal with different carbon content;
  • long service life. It can serve decades to its owner;
  • aesthetics and attractive appearance, “predatory” drawings, which should decorate weapons;
  • the status of the Damascus blade.

In the range of products made of Damascus steel, Vorsma knives stand out qualitatively – as examples of the perfect balance of the highest quality, beauty, and affordable price. The quality of these knives is confirmed by certificates and positive reviews, and unique patented technologies are used in the production.

Despite its strength and sharpness, a Damascus knife requires special care. Damascus steel blades should be stored in a dry place, they should not come into contact with acids, and alkaline environments. Even if we are talking about natural materials – all this can harm the pattern on the blade. Damascus steel is susceptible to corrosion, so it is advisable to avoid contact with water as much as possible and be sure to dry the blade quickly. 

Buy a Damascus steel knife

True connoisseurs of edged weapons will find interesting novelties for themselves that will decorate the collection and will reliably serve their owner. You can buy a knife made of Damascus steel in the online store of the forge of the Kasatkin Brothers. We will organize the delivery for you in a short time and in the most convenient way.

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