What Are The Key Differences In Rust vs Swift?

Rust is a programming language that use for developing applications and games. It is a popular language. It makes the process of developing the application much easier than C++ or Java. Whereas Swift is a programming language that was developed by the apple company. And mainly use to develop the apple software. Therefore in today’s article, we will have a look at both Rust vs Swift of them. 

We will also compare both of them. Therefore keep reading this article and get the best information related to the two. Let us start by discussing them in detail.

What is a Rust programming language?

Rust is a programming language that makes the process of creating applications and games easier. Previously people used the C++, Java, C# language to develop these applications and games. But when it came to the market it became famous. And now most of the developers use it. The main feature it provided was the better utilization of space. It is better than the garbage collector of Java.

What are the advantages of using the Rust programming language?

  1. We can get more with less code: We do not have to write much code as compared to other similar purpose languages like Java.
  1. Better space management concepts: The main feature here is memory borrowing or sharing. While the variable is not in use we can take it to store any other value. Whereas we had to dump the variables in the other languages and then reassign them.
  1. Improved features to do web applications development: With the help of Rust we can compile to the WebAssembly for getting the near-native performance over the web. Also, we can compile any language on the webAssembly then. Therefore making the process of running the code easier and portable.
  1. Compile-time language: Rust is a static language. Therefore when we write the code it is much easier in Rust. Also, it is a strongly typed language. Therefore making mistakes in this language is harder.
  1. Cross-platform development: Now with the help of Rust programming language you can make applications. These are compatible with all the operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux etc.

What is the Swift programming language?

Swift is an object-oriented multi-paradigm general-purpose language that is developed by the Apple company. It mainly uses to develop Apple products. It is helping to develop macOS applications, tvOS, watchOS applications. The current version of the Swift programming language is 5.1.

What are the advantages of using the Swift programming language?

  1. Faster in speed: Swift is a programming language that according to Apple is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C.
  1. Safer to use: It is much safer to use. Therefore it reduces the time debugging and eliminates the danger of low-quality code.
  1. Low maintenance: Swift makes it simple to maintain an app once it’s been built. Swift in actual merges the Objective-C header or the .m and the implementation files or the .h files into a single program. This is opposite to Objective-C, which is controlled in two separate files.
  1. Better memory management: Swift utilizes a technique known as Automatic Reference Counting. The ARC recognizes the class instances which aren’t in use. After that it removes them.
  1. Concept of options: Optionals are a programming technique that allows developers to avoid app crashes while maintaining clean code across the app.

What are the differences between Rust vs Swift programming languages?

  1. The Rust programming language uses the concept of enumerated types. It provides either success or failure.

Whereas in the swift programming language, we use the concept of try and catch to handle the exceptions. 

  1. Rust programming language does not support the important feature of inheritance. 

Whereas Swift programming language supports the feature of inheritance.

  1. Exceptions caught in Swift to manage mistakes. 

Enumerated types, on the other hand, are preferable in Rust to provide “failure or success” versions from flawed operations.

  1. In Rust type system maintains a huge amount of language features. But Swift have its own keywords and syntax.

Swift, like C#, has a full “properties” set of features (i.e., calculated properties, projected values, and property observers).

  1. The majority of code constructs in Rust are expressions. 

The difference between the “expression” and the  “statement” in the  Swift programming language is much more traditional.

What to choose between Rust vs Swift?

For cross-platform apps, gaming engines, services, browser components, operating systems, file systems, and visual reality simulation engines, Rust is more helpful than Swift. Swift is compatible with the Apple environment, but Rust may use to create libraries that can use by other programming languages.

Also, Swift is not a difficult programming language to learn if you are willing to put in the effort. Swift’s syntax is simple to grasp and expressive. Swift’s developers wanted it to be an easy language to read and write. That is why if you want to learn to code, Swift is a great place to start.

Let’s wrap it up!

The information (mentioned above) essentially describes Rust vs Swift. After comparing both of them t’s clear in front of us that¬† Rust, as well as Swift, are popular. But both of them have positive as well as some negative points also. Hope you’ll also be aware of the main distinctions between Rust and Swift. Find this blog on Rust vs Swift useful?¬† If yes, please make sure you share it with others also. If you want to give us any suggestions, then leave them in the section below. We will make sure to apply it.

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