Why you should consider Kraft boxes for custom vape packaging?

The rising use of vape cartridge packaging has increased the demand for its packaging as well. There are several ways and different materials available to pack vapes. Here we will emphasize one material that is Kraft sheets. We will see why it is ideally suited to produce vape boxes and how you can use it to maximize the appeal of vape cartridge packaging. So, let’s begin now.

What is a Kraft sheet?

A Kraft sheet is a type of organic paper widely used in the packaging industry. It is made by a process known as sulfate pulping. It is a lightweight material but is durable in character. That is why it is used for packing light to medium weight items. It is also ideal for packing fragile items like vapes, etc.

Colors and types of Kraft sheets:

The natural color of the Kraft sheet is light brown. When bleached, it becomes white. You can easily coat or laminate the Kraft sheet to increase its strength or enhance its look. Usually, people prefer to keep it in its natural color. The light brown color gives it a distinctive look which sellers use to attract buyers and show that they are using organic packaging.

vape cartridge packaging
vape cartridge packaging

Types of Kraft sheets:

There are different types of Kraft sheets and you can also make one according to your needs. The popular ones are as follows;

Standard Kraft sheet: It is the most popular and widely used type of Kraft sheet. It is made from natural or natural recycled material.

Colored Kraft sheet: As the name suggests, it is colored according to the user’s needs and demands. You can use it for just about any purpose.

Waxed Kraft sheet: It is usually used for food-related packaging. Because it has the ability to absorb oil stains, moisture, and grease.

Poly-coated Kraft sheet: It is ideal for covering and wrapping around metallic objects. It can give protection against water, oil, grease, etc.

Indented Kraft sheet: Yet another type of Kraft sheet made for heavy-duty machinery, industrial parts, and also fragile items.

Why Kraft boxes are ideal for custom vape packaging?

Boxes made from Kraft sheets will be just perfect for a product like a vape cartridge packaging. Here are some of the reasons for it;

Vape is a fragile item:

A vape cartridge is a thin tube made of glass. A slight mishandling can result in breakage or damage to its body. It needs strong boxes that can keep it safe. Kraft boxes are ideal for this purpose because of their inherent strength and strong character.

Protection from harmful weather:

We have learned that there are specially crafted Kraft sheets made to absorb heat, moisture, water, etc. Vape too needs cover from strong weather elements. Excessive heat, cold, or moisture can affect its working. If the cartridge is filled with vape juice, then it becomes all the more important to preserve its taste and profile. Therefore, use Kraft boxes and protect the vape.

Highly portable:

Despite its strength, Kraft is a lightweight material, one that is easy to carry and transport over distances. Often, the material of the boxes is heavy that even empty boxes take a lot of effort to move around. But not with Kraft boxes. Use them for vape cartridge boxes and easily carry them to places.

Reduction in transportation cost:

The lightweight Kraft boxes will automatically your transportation costs. You know the goods forwarding companies charge you on a weight basis. The heavier the package the higher will be the freight. But, with Kraft boxes, you get relief. They weigh nominal so their weight won’t add that much to the total weight of the consignment. You will save money and this will be good for the business.

Kraft boxes are good for image building:

The use of Kraft boxes will spread a positive perception of your company. Wherever your branded Kraft box goes, people will get to know about your company. They will form a favorable opinion of your company as we are facing environmental challenges and the use of Kraft boxes is one way to promote sustainable living.

They will attract more customers:

Using Kraft for custom vape packaging can also lure more buyers towards you. The unique look of the packing would be one factor in rope in more customers. And also those buyers who hold environmental issues dear to their hearts would be attracted to this packing and ultimately buy it.

Kraft Boxes look beautiful too:

Lastly, we would like to highlight the aesthetic appeal of Kraft boxes. In addition to looking unique and different, they also look different. You can give them a distinctive look by adorning them with colorful graphics and imagery. You can also embellish them with different types of laminations, coats, and finishes.

We highlight some of them below;




UV spot printing

Stamp foiling

Soft-touch finish

Glossy coat

Matte finish

They look pretty and enhance the box’s look.

Production of Kraft boxes for custom vape packaging:

For producing Kraft boxes you need to find a factory that is adept in its working. There are several factories engaged in this business and we like to talk about one of them. Fast Custom Boxes is a reliable name in the world of custom vape boxes. It produces every type of customized box and gives full support to its customers. Be it the sharing of 3D mock-ups or designing the box, it is there for you. The price is super-competitive and the company ships worldwide so do give it a try.


We have tried to establish the importance of Kraft sheets, especially with regard to producing custom vape packaging. We hope we have been successful at it. Now, you know why Kraft sheet is very much suited to produce vape packing and what benefits you can accrue from this arrangement. It is a win-win for all as everyone benefits from it, and even mother nature is happy. Always opt for eco-friendly packaging for your business.

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