5 Ancient Indian textile from your wardrobe which never goes out of Fashion 

India has been very known for its textile since the ancient age. The origin of popular Indian fabric goes back to the history of the Indus valley civilization, and it is as early as the time of the 5th millennium B.C. During that time, the ancient Indian textile was made with the help of the handspun technique. At that time, people usually prefer clothes with the shade of white and off-white colors. In the case of colorful textiles, most people prefer to wear clothes with Indigo color. 

If you look back to history, the Indian textile has always played a significant role in the trade. China, Rome, and various countries have found the trace of Indian fabric. The land was the textile hub of the world and thus played one of the most critical roles. 

Below, we will discuss 5 Ancient Indian Textiles that still kept their presence in everyone’s wardrobe till now. These popular Indian fabric has still used among us. 

Banarasi Silk 

The banarasi silk is one of the most popular and ancient Indian textiles, which is still widely popular among everyone. The banarasi silk saree has always been the most sought-after choice among everyone. The grandeur and luxury of the banarasi silk saree cannot be comparable to anyone. 

The detailed engraving and the intricate brocade zari work with the gold and silver lining finish make the banarasi silk saree so popular. The banarasi saree comes with some beautiful floral designs and the foliate and mango leaf motifs, which has fantastic meenakari work done by specialized artisans. 


The next popular Indian fabric takes us back to the time of the first Indian boycott movement, which Mahatma Gandhi started. The Khadi is a natural handspun fiber textile created using the handspun fiber technique. After the training, alot of transformation had seen among the people during the time of Indian Independence. The movement inspires and encourages people to wear the clothes made in India using the handspun technique.

With the help of charka, the fibers are spun to form the yarn. The best thing about the Khadi is you can wear this in both winters and summers. 


The history of batik fabric takes us back to 2000 years ago. It is an ancient handcrafted technique that uses the combination of dyes and wax to create beautiful designs. The creation of the hand batik silk saree is divided into three significant steps: waxing, dyeing, and scraping. The States popular for the batik print fabric are Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhara Pradesh and West Bengal. Some of the popular batik clothes are hand batik silk saree, Batik dupattas, suit materials along with the batik fabric. 


The next popular type of Indian fabric is Indian Kalamkari. The Kalamkari is the famous block-printed or handpainted technique that is usually done on the cotton fabric. The Kalamkari print usually works out on the Machilipatnam style and Srikalahasti style. 

The popular Srikalahasti style is done using the pen where designs are created and later on, white space is filled with the hands. On the other side, the Machilipatnam style uses vegetable dyes to create wooden block patterns. 


The next popular type of ancient Indian textile is the bandhani. Bandhani is the tie and dye practice used to create the handcrafted patterns on the fabric. The intricate designs are created by the hands, where the small sections of the fabric is tied and dyed to form an amazing design. The bandhani saree goes well with the dupatta. If you also want to flaunt you bandhani saree with dupatta do check out the variety of the Gaji silk bandhani dupatta from the Kutchi bazaar. 

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