Top 6 Programming Language Trends in 2022

There is a guarantee about time and trends that they never are the same. After breaking 2021, the year 2022 comes where programming language skills will be in bigger demand.

Many new problems come into existence as our young specialists have already start their programming careers.

Programming languages can be more and less complicated as we have already mentioned. Moreover, as a developer, you can take programming assignment help of C/C++ as this is the foundation of whole software development. This article will address your top six programming language trends in 2022 and onwards.

1: Python

According to Statista, Python takes the 4th region as the pinnacle programming language with 44.1% of builders who pick it. Python is an interprete and object-oriente language.

It is additionally one of the high-level current programming languages with dynamic semantics. It used to be developed in the late Eighties by way of Guido Van Rossum at CWI in the Netherlands. 

In 1991, it was once first launched to the public. Readability grew to be the philosophy of Python. Such online giants as Google, Pinterest, Wikipedia, Yahoo. Python has a versatile nature. Therefore, it is used in unique spheres for many needs, like growing frameworks, micro-frameworks, superior content material administration systems, developing laptop GUIs, scientific and numeric computing.

Python features:

convenient to learn; therefore, it’s appropriate for beginners

often used for developing internet apps

It’s usable and distributable for free, each for non-public and professional usage.

2: Kotlin

Kotlin is no longer listed in the nice new programming languages following Statista, however, its recognition for growing Android Apps is fantastic. It is additionally used for JVM and is a hundred percent interoperable with Java.

The records of Kotlin started again in 2011 as a new language for the JVM. On February 15, 2016, Kotlin v1.0 was launched by way of JetBrains. Kotlin is a ‘modern, concise and protected programming language’ as the language creators say. Such agencies as Udemy, Slack, Tinder, Alibaba Travel use Kotlin for development.

Kotlin features:

Kotlin works with present Java code

It’s handy to examine and maintain

merges purposeful and procedural programming

3: Scala

Not exceedingly that Statista consists of Scala in programming languages ranking, however, it receives solely 3.6% of popularity. However, many builders say that programming languages of the future should encompass Scala as this is a robust and promising language.

According to the legit website, Scala is a concise and high-level programming language that combines purposeful and object-oriented programming. But Officially launch in 2004, Scala is now used through LinkedIn (switche to it in 2019), Twitter (switche to it from Ruby on Rails in 2009), Sony, Netflix, Tumblr, Foursquare.

Scala features:

gives code complexity optimization

presents the concise notation

permits to leverage the blessings of JVM and preserve Java libraries

4: JavaScript

JavaScript takes the main role in the rank of most demanded programming languages with 67.7% of builders who pick it. JavaScript, additionally acknowledged as JS, is a multi-paradigm and dynamic language, which helps object-oriented, imperative, and declarative styles.

You can ask the senior developer for JavaScript and Java assignment help regarding the app development process. Therefore, this is a practical programming language. It is use for net pages and non-browser environments.

JS use to be launch in 1993, and now it is use such groups as Microsoft, PayPal, Netflix, Uber, Facebook, eBay. It is nevertheless one of the basic languages that can be a first-rate competitor for the fine new programming languages. The demand for JavaScript builders is constantly high. This language covers more than one enterprise request and helps in fixing a range of needs.

JavaScript features:

very fast

For use in all places on the web

It approves developing wealthy interfaces

5: Swift

Swift is the most important platform use builders to create apps for mobile. This time, for iOS. As you have probably notice, new pc languages use for precise wishes (like cellular app development) are much less famous than languages that can be utilize in many spheres.

Therefore, Swift receives solely 5.9% with the aid of Statista, and, in this case, its capacity that this language does no longer serves a couple of purposes. but Swift is a programming language with concise syntax and a variety of aspects that builders love. One of the largest benefits is that Swift is that it is design-friendly, and at the same time, it’s fast.

Swift features:

offers safeguards for blunders prevention and readability 

is 2.6x quicker than Objective-C and 8.4x quicker than Python.

It is open to everyone.

6: Go

Some builders say that ‘Go language is the C for the twenty-first century when it comes to syntax.’ Go takes twelfth area in-demand programming languages rank with the aid of Statista, and it is choose way of 8.8% of developers. but It is an open-source programming language that permits growing environment-friendly software.

Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson from Google formally launched it in 2009, even though it was once developed in 2007. Currently, but Go is one of the most in-demand coding languages in Silicon Valley. Go is use Google, Uber, Twitch, SendGrid, Dropbox, Soundcloud.

Go features:

It has an effective trendy library

has clear syntax, due to which it’s effortless to examine the code

Is best for growing single-page applications


This article is all about programming language trends and their unique features and, with the development of the IT sectors, these languages are highly in demand. As a student, don`t stop learning new languages if you are planning to make your career in the IT sector. Thank you for reaching out!

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