Thorough Guide to Set Up Your Velop System to Bridge Mode

When on Bridge mode, your Velop system will not have a separate network. All devices as well as nodes connected to the network of your Velop will be on the same network. This will allow them to communicate with other devices within the same network. In case you are wondering how to perform Linksys Velop setup to Bridge mode, this guide is your answer. Thus, stick to reading.

Before Getting Started

Take care of the things mentioned below before getting started with the Linksys Velop setup to Bridge mode process:

  • Make sure that you have properly set up your Velop router. Otherwise, you won’t be able to switch to Bridge mode.
  • The Linksys app on your mobile device should be running on an updated version. You wouldn’t want to come across technical issues while setting up the Velop system to Bridge mode, right?
  • The mobile device that you will be using should have access to a blazing-fast and seamless internet connection.

How to Set Up Velop System to Bridge Mode?

Note: Whether you have performed Linksys Velop AX4200 setup at home or configured any other Velop model, the steps to switch to Bridge mode will vary depending on the mobile device you are using.

  • Open the Linksys application on your device.
  • Log in to your device using the default admin password and username.
  • Once logged in, head over to the Menu section.
  • Tap the Advanced Settings button.
  • Tap the Internet Settings option.
  • Select Connection Type.
  • Change the Connection Type to Bridge Mode.
  • Hit Save.
  • When you are ready, tap the Enable Bridge Mode button.

Note: While your settings are getting saved, your devices may get disconnected for some time. Thus, do not panic. Remember, patience is the key to everything.

  • A notification on your screen will appear indicating that your settings have successfully been saved.

With that, you will be able to set up your Linksys Velop system to Bridge mode in a hassle-free manner. On the off chance, you face any issues while executing the process, follow the troubleshooting hacks mentioned below.

Can’t Set Up Velop System to Bridge Mode?

  1. Check the Power Supply

One of the biggest reasons why you are experiencing issues while setting up your Velop system to bridge mode in an insufficient power supply from the wall outlet. To troubleshoot the issue, either get the power socket that you are currently using fixed or plug your device into another one.

  1. Avoid WiFi Interference

Signal interference can also prevent you from setting up your Linksys Velop system to Bridge mode. Therefore, if your WiFi system is placed anywhere near cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, mirrors, fish tanks, refrigerators, microwave ovens, treadmills, televisions, etc, change its location without giving a second thought.

  1. Use the Correct Login Credentials

Chances are that you aren’t using the correct Linksys router login credentials. Thus, the next time you try to log in your wireless device, make sure that you are using the correct admin details. If you are doubtful about them, it is recommended that you refer to the user manual that came along with your device. You will find all the info regarding your device in there.

  1. Update Firmware

Last, but not least, make sure that the firmware of our Linksys Velop system is running on an updated version. Not sure about how to do that? Well, like we said earlier, it’s never too late to take a sneak peek at the user manual.

Final Thoughts

Let us hope that after following the guidelines mentioned above, you will be able to set up Velop system to Bridge mode. If you do, don’t forget to drop a word of appreciation in the comment section.

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