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When I was a child, I loved this simple and fun memory game, but also very educational… but I didn’t realize the educational side; it just amused me. And it still amuses me. Of design, the memory game is not only a play that can stand defined as “hard”. But its clarity is lovely. Remembrance match: Powers of the match, variants and cards to track

So for a bit of summer fun

I suggest you create your own game using popsicle sticks as cards. Who doesn’t love ice cream! Note: There are also particular memory games available (like here) with paired images. They usually have a theme such as fish, animals, or cartoons.

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ideal for playing a memory

They are ideal for playing a memory game with very young children. This is what I offer you below with a free printable summer memory game to play at home with your children. Play a memory game: shuffle the cards.
Lay the cards face down in rows in a large rectangle on the table or floor.

Make sure the cards are not in contact with each other

They should be able to turn around without disturbing the surrounding cards. Decide who will go first. Usually, the youngest player starts. The first player chooses a card and looks at it carefully. Then the player selects another card and turns it over. If it is the exact one of the cards that the last player bent over, try to recall where that connected card was to create a team.

Turn around without disturbing

He manages to form a pair, places the cards in his pile, and chooses another card. If the first card dealt does not match a card that another player has previously dealt with. Select another card at random to try to form a pair. If they don’t match, turn the cards face down, and the memory game goes to the next player.

The player takes both

If the two cards are a matching pair, for example, two aces, the player takes both cards and starts a pile. The player starts over and turns over two more cards. If the cards do not create a team, they are turned look down, and now it is the following player’s kindness to play. He chooses his first card and turns it over.

The last player bent over

If it is the exact one of the cards that the last player bent over. Try to recall where that connected card was to create a team. he manages to form a pair, places the cards in his pile, and chooses another card.

The last player bent over

The educational benefits of a memory game Playing memory games can be very helpful. Memory games and other memory games can do wonders for the brain. Some of the advantages of memory games are: Memory games provide healthy exercise for your child’s brain.

These exercises at a young age

Therefore, all children should do these exercises at a young age. Thus, all kids should do these activities at a young age. Memory games are known to boost the brain’s power of concentration in a short time if played regularly. Remembrance games improve children’s brainpower. Therefore, a kid who plays the remembrance game regularly can be actually saved from certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or even amnesia because it enhances remembrance.

The growth of new neurons

The secretion of the hormone is balanced by the growth of new neurons. Do memory games work? The answer is yes. The memory game works wonders and is scientifically proven to be beneficial to the human mind and brain.

the printed side

Reopen your ice cream and place the printed side on the table. Take a stick of ice cream and stick double-sided tape on top of each side of the stick. Close your windows. Again, to make each popsicle stick as identical as possible, you need to put the popsicle sticks in roughly the same position for each ice cream.

They will all be at the same height

Thus, they will all be at the same height, and there will be no apparent differences between them. It is also better to choose popsicle sticks without defined spots! Tape a piece of double-sided tape to the left corner and the rounded top of your mirror as well. Fold along the dotted lines to close the mirror and make sure everything is glued firmly. Your memory game is ready.

Other ideas to make

Other ideas to make an original memory game Design your cards with photos of animals, facial expressions, or anything that suits your wishes and artistic abilities! Just remember to make two of each image.

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