Read 5 Best Kraft Packaging Design Ideas for Your Products

Kraft Packaging boxes are very trendy these days. These boxes are very suitable for several businesses. These boxes are a better replacement for other kinds of packages like plastic, metal, and other ones. They are very advantageous for your business because they have several features and benefits that make them the best option for your product’s range. Custom Kraft boxes give you the opportunity to get these packages in your desired shape, designs, and dimension. You can customize them according to your product requirements and your business needs. But do you know about the trendy Kraft box designs? If not, then you do not need to worry because we have brought the solution for you.

This blog will guide you about the top five trendy Kraft box designs that you can use for your products, so keep reading!

1)Two-Piece Box

This is the most commonly used design that is used to pack different products. The boxes of this design are available in different sizes. You can pack various products into these boxes ranging from apparel to jewelry and from food to cosmetic goods. These packages protect your items and highlight elegance, which helps you in marketing your goods easily. 

You are free to decorate these boxes with custom prints and custom finishings. Moreover, if you are using these boxes for more than one product, you can add dividers and holders to these boxes. If you are packing cupcakes and cookies of different flavors in a box, these add-ons are very suitable for you. 

2) One-Piece Box

It is another popular kind in this niche. These boxes are used to pack several small products with elegance. Usually, these kinds of boxes are used to pack fragile items like glass and mugs, etc. 

You can adjust the durability of these boxes as per your product requirements. If you are ordering customized packages, it is your prerogative to choose the thickness and grade of the material to adjust the durability of the box. Moreover, you are free to print your brand information on these packing covers to promote your business in the market. You will have seen many one-piece kraft boxes with the company’s logo, tagline, and slogans printed on them. 

Moreover, if you want to deliver your orders to the customers at your doorstep, these boxes are the right answer for you. They will help you to ensure the safe delivery of your goods to the customers.  In addition, it will give them trust in your business. They will buy from you for their next purchase. 

3) Kraft Pillow Boxes

Kraft pillow boxes are used to pack little food or gift items. As the name suggests, the box’s shape resembles a pillow; that’s why they are called pillow boxes. The size of the box varies according to the product size that you will pack into these boxes. You can get tailor-made sizing of these boxes with customization options. 

These boxes are very easy to decorate, and you can use them as gift boxes. You just need to add a paper flower or a ribbon to these boxes, and you are all set to go to use them as custom gift boxes.

Moreover, you can ask a supplier to add a customized window to these boxes to give a glance at your product to the audience. People love to see the products before making their purchase decision. So, these boxes with the window will help you increase sales by attracting more people to your brand and developing their interest in your products.

4) Kraft Favor Boxes 

Sweets are the most items that we share with each other at the different events and celebrations to express joy and pleasure to each other. But presenting these sweets to the guests is a difficult task to do. But these Kraft favor boxes have made this task easy for everyone because they do not need to worry about the protection and presentation of these sweet gifts to the guests. 

The shape of these boxes is customizable according to the these of the event. If you are using these boxes for the Christmas event, tree shape is the best option. And, if you are using them for someone’s wedding event, then you can order these boxes in any pleasant shape to pack your sweet items in them. 

These boxes are made of food-grade materials, so you do not need to worry about these items’ quality and taste. These boxes will help you maintain the quality of your products and put a positive impression on the receiver. 

5) Kraft Display Boxes 

Kraft display boxes are very trendy these days. You can use these packages to pack different items. These boxes are the perfect option to pack gift items like some glass products, or a customized mug with a photo, or some other goods like jewelry or food items. 

The biggest advantage of these boxes is that you do not need to open the box to showcase your product because your product’s box is doing this job for you. Moreover, you can add this display window to any shape of the Kraft boxes, which is a catchy option. 

If you are adding more than one window to these boxes, it will be very easy for the customers to get a glance at the product from different sides. He / She will be able to make a briefed decision that leads to customer’s loyalty to your brand. 


The Kraft packaging boxes have gained enormous popularity in the market because of their endless advantages. They are durable, elegant, eco-friendly, and economical at the same time. People prefer these boxes because they are inexpensive and sustainable. 

As the world is facing serious issues because of climate change, so people have become more conscious about the environment more than ever before. So, if your brand is using these sustainable packages, surely, they will give a competitive edge to your business that will boost your sales. 

After reading this blog, if you are looking forward to buying these boxes, find a reliable online printing and packaging company that has expertise in making these boxes. So, you can get the best packages in the market.  

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