How To Plan A Trip With A Big Group

How To Plan A Trip With A Big Group

Planning a group trip can be tricky. It needs a lot of planning. Including cost-cutting expenses, managing a long trip within a week or two, packing exactly the necessary things you will be needing, as everyone’s luggage will be piled up etc. Apart from these, group trips can be a great way of bonding with your friends, close ones or even loved ones. We engage in the planning session a long way before and get hiked up before a few months of the trip. Read on to know the most important things to plan a trip with a big group.

Tips For Planning A Trip With A Big Group

  1. Plan a leader (or two)
  2. Decide on a budget
  3. Book flights before your travel or travel first
  4. Make arrangements for alternative accommodation
  5. Consider a place to organise plans and look upon expenses
  6. Plan some activities beforehand
  7. Don’t remain glued up always

Planning is the first important thing to everything. Planning your trip covers half of the things easily. Don’t under-plan or over-plan. Keep it minimum. Listen to your group and take suggestions. For doing all these, book a Switzerland tour package from Pickyourtrail or even customise your Switzerland itinerary in the way you like.

Plan a leader (or two)

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It is better to always plan a group leader or two before going on a group trip. Your group leader should be a person who knows about all the planning and decides on what to be done next.

If you are not satisfied with having one person in charge, you can very well appoint another person in charge of the group. You can appoint one person for arrangement, one for planning out activities, one for deciding on the places to go etc. However, having a group leader does not mean the work will be only done by that person and not by the others. It is always necessary to engage in financial talk about the trip’s cost and others.   

If there is someone in the group who willingly takes up the responsibility of the planning, appoint him/her the group leader. Or if you are inconclusive, plan a method of deciding or make someone the decision-maker, who will decide on whom to appoint the group head.

Decide on a budget

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When planning a group trip, planning a budget is the most crucial thing that everybody avoids and keep for the last moment.

As you will be travelling with a big group, you should first decide on a budget and make sure to adhere to it. Cut short your trip budget, particularly when you are planning on the big things, like staying in luxurious hotels, taking part in costly activities etc. Going on a trip means there will be some experiences you ought to indulge in. So, make sure you talk to others and decide on what to do and what not to. 

As you are packing, have a separate pouch bag to contain some of your group’s share of the money, if you are thinking of buying food or drinks for the whole group. It is a very efficient method that prevents splitting bills and saves time.

Book flights before your travel or travel first

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At the time of travelling with a big group, space and availability matter. Above that, if you keep the idea of booking a flight late, prices are sure to increase, and there is a high chance you might not find any extra place available.

So, it is always better to book your flights early to get the best deals and make sure you get the best places to accommodate your whole group.

You might not know, but there is a group rate available on-road or train transport. So, if you are travelling by road or train, check to see if there is a group rate available on your travel.

Also, plan how you will get to your accommodation from the airport as minivans and vehicles tend to book out early, so it is highly advisable to get in early.

Make arrangements for alternative accommodation

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When you are travelling with a huge group, choose your stay appropriately as it does make a huge difference and contribute solemnly to your travel experience.

If you love a royal experience, there are many five-star hotels and resorts which make you live life luxuriously. If you are a bit cheap on your price, it is likely you would choose hostels or low-budget hotels to stay in.

You can also choose to stay in a house or an apartment. The advantage of staying in them is that it gives you a lot of time to be close to each other and know each other. You can also engage in a lot of fun group activities like cooking meals, playing, watching and jamming together rather than booking rooms separately in a hotel. Staying in a house saves you a lot of money and makes you feel at home.

Consider a place to organise plans and look upon expenses

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Consider a place to have a weekly-based-talk-about-your-plan, which will be the base of everything. Keep a group travel planner with you. It is very helpful to indicate the current activities and sort out what the next activities will be.    

For a much better experience, make a payment system. By taking a look at it, you will understand who you have to pay and how much.

Group trip planning needs a lot of motivation. So make sure everyone attends the group meetings regularly and indulge in strong communication to make the group trip even more successful. 

Plan some activities beforehand

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If there is a pile of activities, take a look at them and choose the most important ones which you want to do first.

Check to see if there is any group discount for a particular tour. For some tours, there is a facility of booking in advance. Especially if you are travelling with a big group, you want to book some tours in advance.

Don’t be stressed or disappointed if you miss out on some tours on your way, as some things happen for a reason and that reason will be really good! 😉

Don’t remain glued up always

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You don’t need to be glued up with your group all the time. It is okay if you split up and explore different places.

Decide amongst yourselves and do whatever everyone wants to do. A part of the group can go see a monument and a part can go to the beach and relax. 

If you want to do a particular thing on your own, feel free to do that. There is no waiting for the others to agree and join. You are also a part of the group, and if others don’t agree, that doesn’t mean you should constrain yourself from doing it. 

‘How to plan a trip with a big group’ is a must-read and know blog. This article will help a lot of groups with their group planning. So, don’t wait for more and start searching through Pickyourtrail to avail yourself of the great deals possible. Choose a Switzerland tour package or customise your Switzerland itinerary to make your trip easier.

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