How to Permanently Stop QuickBooks error OL 301?

QuickBooks is full of technical glitches that interrupt users. One most annoying of them is QuickBooks error OL 301 that appears when a user tries to connect QuickBooks. This bank error also appears while downloading transactions in QuickBooks Desktop. On the occurrence of this error, a message from the financial institution will appear on the screen. It says that the issue might be because of a change in account information. The following sections of the blog will brief you on causes and troubleshooting solutions to fix the error, so read carefully.

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Reasons why you come across QuickBooks Online banking error OL 301?

Following are the possible reasons behind this online banking error:

  • The bank information entered while connecting with the bank is incorrect.
  • The financial institutions or bank server is down or under maintenance.

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Fixing error OL 301 in QuickBooks with Tested Methods

Method 1. Create a test company file to determine the cause of error

Creating a test company file will help you identify the correct cause of the error. If the same error recurs after creating a test company file, it indicates the problem is with the bank connection. If you don’t get any error, it means the problem is not with the bank.

  • Start QuickBooks Desktop on your computer and select the File menu.
  • Select the New Company option and click Express Start or Start Setup.
  • When the Setup window opens, fill in all required information and click Create Company.
  • At last, select the Start Working option.

Method 2. Refresh QuickBooks connection with the bank to resolve the issue

You need to refresh the connection between QuickBooks and the bank if your bank has recently updated its online banking services. To refresh, turn off the bank feeds and then turn them on again.

  • Proceed to the steps given below to turn off the bank feeds:
    1. In QuickBooks Online, click Lists and select Chart of Accounts.
    2. Choose your bank account for which you want to turn off bank feeds and click Edit Account.
    3. From the Bank Settings tab, click Deactivate all online services and then OK.
    4. Click Save to confirm the settings and then click Close.
  • Finally, turn on Bank Feeds and try to connect QuickBooks with the bank.
  • Try to download the transaction to check if the error is fixed.

Method 3. Set up online banking connection again

  • From QuickBooks, go to the Lists menu and choose Charts of Accounts.
  • Click Include inactive from the bottom menu and turn off bank feeds for active and inactive accounts.
  • Restart QuickBooks and turn on bank feeds for each account.

That’s all we can do to help you eliminate QuickBooks Error OL 301. We hope this blog helped you fix the issue. If you are unable to troubleshoot the error on your own, call us on our toll-free number (1.855.738.2891) and get in touch with the certified QuickBooks expert’s team.

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