How to Find the Best Luxury Custom Rigid Gift Boxes for Your Product Launch

Make your product more Precious with Rigid Gift Boxes: Luxury products need luxury packaging because they are very precious. Custom rigid Boxes are the best choice for your products because it give good experience regarding the packaging solution. Rigid Boxes consist of two main components, first is made from chipboard and the second one is paper wrapping that encases it. Furthermore, rigid boxes are more durable as compare to other packaging that’s why it use for the gift boxes. If you want to make your gift more precious just choose rigid box because it make your gift packaging more beautiful. It also use for the branding many luxury brand rigid boxes for their products. It little bit expensive rather than the others material but it have many benefits which cover your all other expenses.

Enhance the Shelf-Life of Products with Rigid Box Packaging:

Custom Rigid Boxes are not only aesthetically pleasing, it also contribute to the luxury experience. When customer buy luxury products, they choose those products which have luxury packaging just like Rigid Boxes. It increase  the shelf life of your products because rigid itself is the thick material as compare to others which keep your precious and expensive gifts safe from inside and also keep them safe from the dust. Blackbird make most luxury customize rigid boxes in the USA because they work with eco-friendly packaging material. They make every type of designs no matter the design difficult is, they have professional team which make unique custom rigid boxes.

Blackbird give Features of Custom Printed Rigid Gift Boxes:

Delivered flat-folded or assembled: Some options in packaging has collapsible and foldable, while others are delivered assembled to the customers. The foldable rigid boxes is safe your cost and space, they are also convenient to assemble and store.  Boxes which are assembled it will take more space and sometime struck during shipping and transport.

Premium add-ons: Blackbird give many add-ons features to their customer on rigid boxes they have ability to easily customize in different designs. They give matte, gloss and Spot Up protection on your rigid boxes which enhance the beauty of your customize boxes.

Use of crowd-puller styles: Rigid Boxes comes with magnetic lid that compel the customers to check out the items inside. The magnets attached enable auto closing, these are the best choice for custom rigid gift boxes. Users pull or shit the lid easily in the opposite direction.

Used in versatile markets sectors: Due to the durability of rigid boxes it very popular in the various industries. They are ideal choice for tour valued items like jewelry, watches, and chocolate and high fashion apparel brands.

Most High Class packaging Material:

Rigid Boxes are the most luxury packaging material and it’s totally eco-friendly that’s why they are most demanding material nowadays. Blackbird make top class Rigid Boxes for your top class products and they always use environment friendly packaging material which is good for our surroundings and ecosystem. As we know that environment is very serious issue for us because it already damage our ozone layer that’s why Blackbird avoid plastic material but still many packaging company use it. USA ban it in their country they charge have fine which use plastic. If you look around for Custom Printed Rigid Boxes in the USA, UK you will be choose Blackbird because it have sheer variety of shapes, sizes and style.

Where you will find best Custom rigid boxes at reasonable price?

Blackbird is the only company which most reasonable price in the whole USA. They use high quality packaging material and give low prices on it that’s why they make name in the market in very short time. Moreover they give discount on the bulk quantity, they take minimum 100 boxes order and no limit for maximum. They work as a wholesale packaging company in the USA that’s have most reasonable prices. If you have small company no issue just share your details with us, we will give you best packaging solution which help your business in the cost saving. If you want to launch new products Custom rigid Boxes are best choice for them.

Contact us 24/7 and get free delivery in the USA:

As we know that Blackbird always facilitate their clients that’s why they give free shipment in the USA. Moreover their sale agent is always available for you, just share the project details and get instant price quote for us. They always facilitate their customer’s through their services and solve their all problems within a minute. If you choose Blackbird it safe your packaging cost and increase your brand sale.

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