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How Can You Find The Right Intended Parents For Your Surrogacy Process?

When you decide to become a surrogate, you give a precious gift to a hopeful couple. Therefore, it is crucial to find the ideal intended parents and establish a good, emotional rapport with them.

One of the most important aspects of surrogacy is choosing the appropriate intended parents. Only after you find your perfect match will you be able to develop a close emotional bond with the intended parents.

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You need not worry if you are working with a surrogacy agency in new york; mention the conditions for the surrogate. These agencies also have data on screened intended parents. Once your surrogacy profile is screened and accepted, the next step is to match your profile with the suitable intended parents.

This blog will discuss the two most popular ways of finding intended parents – the agency and the direct method.

Finding Intended Parents Through The Agency

This is the most popular and trusted mode of finding intended parents. Surrogacy agencies are your one-stop destination to know everything about surrogacy, associated risks, medications, etc.

Their service also includes finding prospective intended parents who are already screened. A surrogacy agency will also build a surrogacy plan for you that provides for communicating the surrogate requirements, family and medical background, etc.

Here, you will need to pen down the kind of intended parents you want to work with. For example, you can specifically work with LGBT couples.

Working With an Agency Has Many Benefits:

  • They can help you create a surrogacy profile and understand your goals and objectives behind surrogacy.
  • They are experts in matching the right intended parents with the right surrogates.
  • The agencies screen the intended parents to ensure they are safe to work with.
  • They help you better communicate with the intended parents by acting as a guide and mediator.

Finding Intended Parents Independently

You can also choose to find intended parents independently. But remember, when finding intended parents on your own, you owe complete responsibility for your decision. Here, you can find intended parents online or through a mutual friend, but these couples are not screened for the surrogacy process.

You will need to work with them and determine your objectives and outlook toward surrogacy. You can find intended parents online via surrogacy listings, social media, and even with a surrogacy attorney.

This process takes a long time and has many setbacks compared to the agency model. However, it has some benefits as well.

  • You can have more control over the intended parents’ screening process.
  • You are not limited to intended parents listed in a particular agency.

The drawbacks of this process overshadow the benefits. You will have to make your surrogacy profile and plans; you might have to invest in individual advertising; you will have to communicate with them directly, ask some difficult questions, etc.

You can always save yourself from this trouble by choosing the agency path. However, the end decision is yours, and you know what is best for you.

If unsure about the best course of action, speak with a surrogacy expert who can guide you through the procedure and suggest strategies to locate suitable intended parents. 

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