Different styles of custom donut boxes and how to beautify them

A bakery is incomplete without custom donut boxes because this sugary delight is one of the most sought-after items of any bakery. Several companies are exclusively in the donuts business. The mass consumption of donuts has given rise to its packaging business. And, by packaging, we don’t mean any plain bag or box but rather custom donut boxes. In this article, we will discuss different styles of custom donut boxes and learn how to beautify them. So, let’s start.

What are custom donut boxes?

Custom donut boxes are made according to the specific needs and requirements of the buyer. Everything from the material, to the box’s design, color, style, etc. is prepared with the customer’s demands in mind. Non-custom boxes are mass-produced with standard sizes and lack any personalization. Due to the multiple benefits attached to custom boxes, manufacturers now opt for them.

Let us now discuss the different popular styles of custom donut boxes.

Different styles of custom donut boxes

There is no fixed number of custom donut box types or styles. Anyone can create a new type of custom donut box and use it as per his needs. But, still, some popular types of custom donut boxes are widely used and we present them below for your reference.

Paper boxes:

These are made of paper, usually recycled paper. They are lightweight, economical, and have enough strength to pack donuts without breaking. These boxes encourage recycling and are good for sustainable living.


They go by several names like slide-outs, sliding sleeves, roll-outs, drawers, etc. The concept is simple. It has two parts, a tray, and a lid over it. You slide the tray inside the lid and then pull it out by pushing it from the side. For someone in a hurry who wants to eat the donut on the go, this box is very useful because it is easy to carry and keeps the donuts safe.

Paper wraps:

It is a simple idea for packing your donut. It is however limited to just one or two donuts. You wrap the donut in brown or white butter paper and hand it over to the customer. It is very cheap and does not generate much waste because you use just paper.

Kraft boxes:

Kraft is an organic material used for making packages. You can use it for custom donut boxes as well. It is usually light brown. You can bleach it and it will turn white. You can add more colors to them and other embellishments to make them colorful.

Pizza style boxes:

They are widely used for packing donuts and are one of the most popular types of custom donut boxes. You produce a pizza box with a little more depth than a regular pizza box and then put donuts in them. They are easy to produce and widely available and also durable to carry multiple numbers of donuts.

Window boxes:

A window box contains a cut-out on top of the box to reveal the box’s contents. This cut-out can be custom-shaped or in a square, round, or oval shape, etc. The window entices the buyers as they catch a glimpse of donuts and may buy it.

Novel-shaped boxes:

Another type of custom donut box can be in unconventional or novel shapes. Everyone has seen square or rectangular boxes. How about a round, triangular, star, or even a donut-shaped box? Or a candy-shaped one? They look different and beautiful. And you can try them.


Gable box is a very popular style of packaging for donuts and other food items too. It is essentially a bag with a triangular-shaped top and a bottom that is square-shaped. The triangular sides at the top have grooves to slide the hand inside and use them as handles. You can beautify the bag to make it more appealing to the masses. Let us now discuss a few techniques to beautify custom donut boxes.

Beautification of custom donut boxes

We will discuss two methods here that effectively cover the beautification of the entire box.


Finishes and coats

Striking artwork:

Artwork is an all-encompassing term that includes anything and everything that you do on the exterior of the box. Usually, it includes the following;




Let’s discuss them in a little detail

Color: The color should be vivacious and enlivening. Do not go for dull or light shades or if you must use light color make sure to use a bright color side by side to balance it.

Imagery: it includes pictures, graphics, and patterns, that you put on the box to make them look

appealing. Choose images that are positive and lively and give off happy vibes.

Typography: It is the font that you use on the box. It needs to be stylish and funky. But it must be legible and of reasonable size.

custom donut boxes
custom donut boxes

Finishes and coats:

To beautify the box further use different types of finishing and coatings on the box to make the box more appealing. These can be summarized as follows;

Glossy coat

Matte coat

Spot UV printing

Aqueous coat

Soft-touch texture




Production of custom donut boxes:

The production of custom donut boxes requires a factory that knows how to produce beautiful custom boxes. Fast Custom Boxes is one such factory. You can get all the guidance and professional insight you want for your Sleeve boxes. The price is fairly reasonable and the services against it are nothing short of spectacular. You will see the 3D mock-ups of your boxes before shipment to avoid any trouble later. Do give this factory a try.


There you have it, different styles of custom donut boxes and a brief but insightful look at their beautification. We hope you will find this article to be useful and informative. It is the age of personalization so always go for custom boxes whenever you decide to order your donuts. It will do immense good for your business. We hope you will remember it.

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