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Comprehensive Treatment After Plastic Surgery

Improper skin care habits may be a major disservice to you. Let’s discuss some basic skincare practises that might help you maintain your youthful glow before and after cosmetic surgery. The greatest therapy for skin care issues is plastic surgery, and you can find a specialist plastic surgeon in Lahore who will take good care of you and skillfully remove any damaged skin.

Many of our patients put off receiving plastic surgery until they reach a certain age or milestone, intending to erase all visible signs of imperfection. While waiting, they let sun damage happen and use inferior products, accelerating the ageing process. Sagging from gravity and the strain of facial emotions contribute to the premature ageing that gives your face a worn and exhausted appearance by sun damage.

You’ve undergone plastic surgery before. You should also include “skincare upkeep” in your vocabulary. That would be fantastic if just one treatment could reverse time and stop ageing forever. However, regardless of our wishes, the ageing process is ongoing and dynamic. The revitalized appearance of your procedure will last a LOT longer if you consistently use medical-grade skin care products and procedures.

As we acknowledge that getting older is inevitable, we also acknowledge the importance of caring for ourselves as we age, including our teeth. Dentists suggest taking care of them or losing them. Doctor explains, “Skincare is like exercise. Change is good, so switch up your workouts and goods every once in a while. Maintaining healthy, radiant skin is a breeze. Another part of your routine maintenance and beauty routine from which you will see immediate results in skin care. Instead of seeing it as an indulgence or a treat, consider it an investment in your health and appearance. Skin is the body’s biggest organ. Care for it in paraphrase: “take charge of the situation.”

Routine Skin Care Basics:


Removing debris, pollution, and dead skin cells, which can contribute to a dull appearance of your complexion, is the primary purpose of cleansing, which is an essential step in maintaining the health of your skin. It would help if you looked for a mild, moisturizing cleanser that does not deplete the skin of its natural barrier against moisture loss. A helpful hint is that the formula shouldn’t contain any soap, it should be soft, and most importantly, it should be appropriate for your skin type.


Exfoliation is the most effective method for removing old, dead skin cells and paving the way for the growth of new, healthy cells in the skin. Additionally, it assists in reviving dull skin tones and evens dark spots on the skin. It is important to remove dead skin to stimulate the production of new skin cells and to get a radiant appearance. Tip: Depending on your skin type, do this three times a week.


It is essential to moisturize the skin because doing so helps to support the skin barrier. You can prevent your skin from feeling dry by moisturizing it often. Apply a treatment serum containing antioxidants like vitamins C and E and a moisturizer with a humectant, such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin, which pull moisture to the skin. The specific products that you use will depend on the type of skin that you have. Warning: Do not use too much moisturizer! Your skin will eventually adjust to the change and stop producing its normal amount of moisture.


Take precautions to prevent sun damage to your skin, which can lead to skin cancer and the visible symptoms of ageing, such as spots and wrinkles. These rays are harmful to your skin and can also negatively affect your health.

Supplemental Anti-Aging Steps:


Vitamin A, also known as retinoic acid, plays an important role in the maturation of your skin by contributing to the production of elastin and collagen. Additionally, it prepares the skin, making subsequent applications of products more effective.

Bleaching Agent: 

Used to lighten skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation, and repair discolouration (age spots). Improving the appearance of your skin in general.

*There are several harsh products on the market, and different people have different skin types. For this reason, it is in your best interest to get a full skincare consultation with an expert to choose the appropriate items for your daily routine.


If you’ve had surgical treatments or not, our skincare firm’s anti-ageing products and procedures are of a medical grade and designed to help you keep your young glow. Our specialist, Dr Asma, is extremely knowledgeable in various therapies, and she will tailor a treatment plan specifically to meet your skin’s requirements. It is imperative to start taking care of your skin and face as early as possible, with consistent, even minor treatments, to maintain a fresh and youthful appearance for a significantly longer period.  Also hair loss is a potential side effect of a facelift if the incisions are made in the hairline. Long bald patches and/or a crooked hairline may result from this. It could cause your sideburns to fall out entirely in extreme circumstances. With the help of the best hair transplant in Lahore, Pakistan, your hair will look natural and not artificial. When it comes time to consider plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures, you will have fewer needs, and the results of such procedures will stay far longer.

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