Chikankari suits – Trendy yet chic choice this summers

There are many fabric choices for summer season but chikankari lawn has taken the lead this year. You must be wondering what is so special about chikankari suits and what chikankari is? Chikankari is a special type of embroidery with intricate stitches done in multiple ways. It is a traditional embroidery style with beautiful patterns. It is mostly done on cotton fabric. Recently the addition of chikankari lawn has led brands to introduce chikankari unstitched suits and chikankari shirts. Ladies are loving this fabric design as it gives a very elegant look. 

Best Choice for Summers

Summer season calls for some bright colours and catchy prints. But chikankari suits are an example of how you can look pretty without donning digital prints. Every woman has a different body shape. You should always wear that colour and design which can complement your personality. Some people believe that one should wear fabric shades as per her complexion. But honestly speaking, The way how you carry any dress matters the most. For example a pretty chikankari dress in mustard colour can be a good choice for a day out with friends. A red chikankari outfit can be perfect choice for dinner party. Some women don’t know how to carry themselves. Whatever they wear starts looking dull or ordinary on them. The cut, design, colour and fabric choice also plays its role in making a suit look attractive.

From which brand you can buy chikankari outfits?

There are only a few brands that have launched their chikankari lawn collection. But the most beautiful collection can be found on Ellena’s website. They have recently launched their refreshing Pakistani Chikankari suits in form of Tehzeeb collection. Every woman wants to wear designer embroidered suits to look stylish and pretty. But the fact is that branded or designer online Pakistani clothes are always overly priced. Sometimes it seems quite unwise to spend hefty amounts on expensive stitched or unstitched suits. 

Ellena – Wonderful Addition

Buying expensive suit occasionally is fine. But paying large sum of money and not getting the desired quality is not fine. This is the reason new designer or clothing brands have emerged in the market. Now you can buy online ladies suit within few clicks. Ellena clothing is a perfect example of blessing in disguise. Other brands are selling Chikankari suits at high prices whereas they are charging a reasonable price. If you want to achieve a minimalistic yet eye-pleasing look, their Tehzeeb collection is waiting for you. Ladies, it’s time to discard your old digital prints and welcome some chikankari suits to your wardrobe. You will like them!

Ellena – Personification of Beauty

This brand has a wide range of unstitched, pret wear, girls, Western and bottoms collection. Briefly they have something for every woman out there. Be it unstitched embroidered suits, digitally printed suits or Chikankari suits, they have mesmerizing designs. It’s a fashion brand that is aims to fulfill the purpose of value for money for its customers.  Value can only be achieved by delivering high quality suits for ladies and they are on it.  The main idea behind creating this brand is based on “More in less” philosophy. They offer premium quality stitched and unstitched fabrics at affordable prices. 

Tehzeeb Chikankari collection

Their Tehzeeb collection is an accurate example of high quality at the best price. This collection is a tribute to the beautiful women who are the strength of life and the rock of their family. The vibrant hues in this collection represent strong women who are inspiration at their work. The bright hues portrays the lively and happy nature of such women. Whereas the pastel colours reflect the gentle and loving side. From younger women to elderly ones, all can enjoy wearing chikankari suits. It’s time to buying a new designer suit by Ellena for yourself and for your lovely ladies.

What to select from their Tehzeeb Collection?

All of their suits from this collection are remarkable but few suits are worth buying. This collection is composed of unstitched three piece suits. If you are planning to buy an excellent Pakistani embroidered dress you should definitely check out this range. These new arrival dresses have the power to give you a stunning look.

Noori- Blue Beauty

A charming pastel blue chikankari suit can give you a very subtle look for any day time event. This lovely embroidered suit comes with a digitally printed poly tissue silk dupatta and cambric pants. It has an excellent traditional embroidery design all over.

Tabeer – Grey Beauty

Grey is another beautiful chikankari lawn suit that gives perfect aesthetic feels. It is an exclusive colour that will make you look smart. It comes with a pretty digitally printed poly silk tissue dupatta in black colour. Get it stitched your way.

Shahkaar – Red Beauty

No one can deny the attractiveness of red colour. It is an evergreen colour. This energetic suit can be a good choice for festive occasions. To create a balance it has been coupled with a black dupatta and a dyed cambric pants in red.

If you want to have a great shopping experience, is the best choice for you!

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