Why Should You Build A White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange?

The developments in the crypto market are winning the attention of millions of investors and traders worldwide. The rising popularity of these digital coins is the reason why investors are searching for trading platforms to safely and securely trade these assets. Currently, there is a huge demand in the market for secure, reliable, and trusted crypto exchanges. 

Buddy entrepreneurs worldwide are eager to capitalize on this new market trend and launch their own crypto exchange software. The crypto market is highly volatile and timing is the key to succeed and survive in this market. Investors are looking for ready-to-launch and cost-effective software making white label solutions the best options.

If you are planning to launch your own crypto trading software and wondering why you should opt for an nft token development company. Then, this post is a must-read for you. In this post, you will read about:

  • What is white-label cryptocurrency exchange software?
  • Different Types of White-Label Crypto Exchange Solutions
  • Why White Label Solutions Perfect For Your Crypto Exchange Software?
  • How Much Does A White Label Crypto Exchange Cost?

What Is A White Label Crypto Exchange?

White label crypto exchange software is a pre-built solution with all the basic functionality and tech stack. Similar to any crypto exchange, this software can be used to trade cryptos securely due to blockchain technology and smart contacts. This software can be tailored as per business requirements. You can launch a trading software with a unique identity, a specific business logo, app interface, popular features, and color theme.

Reasons why white label crypto exchange solutions are so popular

  • These are ready to launch software solutions.
  • The development cost is relatively low as compared to the scratch development process
  • These can be tailored to meet your business-specific business requirements
  • Even with customizations, you can launch your own exchange platform within eight to ten weeks.

The Crypto market is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable businesses worldwide. With white label crypto exchange solutions, investors take a leap into the crypto world and earn huge profits when the market is bullish.

Different Types of White-Label Crypto Exchange Solutions

There are mainly three types of white-label crypto exchange solutions that are available in the market. As you already know, these are pre-built solutions, which means that you can test them before deciding to buy. The three types of white label crypto exchange solutions that are available in the market are – 

Cloud Exchange

For startups and new entrepreneurs, cloud exchange is the best option. You can buy cloud exchange on a monthly payment basis from a white label solution provider. With these ready-to-launch solutions, you can start testing the water before running a white label cryptocurrency exchange. Keep in mind that there are additional fees associated with server setup fees with these cloud crypto exchange white label solutions.

DIY Centralized Exchanges

In DIY centralized exchanges white label solutions, you will be provided with all the necessary parts and tools to run a cryptocurrency exchange. These are available on a per-month fee basis and are perfect for test runs and, later on, launch too. You have complete control over the cryptocurrency software exchange with a white label software solution. Keep in mind that you have to organize a hosting provider for your DIY centralized exchange.

DIY Decentralized Exchanges

The white label exchange solutions of decentralized exchanges are easily available. These exchanges are perfect for launching your own trading platform as they run on smart contracts. The biggest advantage of DIY decentralized exchanges is that they are perfect for automating trade matching and wallet management in a decentralized way.

The white label solution of different types of crypto trading exchanges is available. Keep in mind that if you are looking for a long-term investment, then DIY centralized exchanges are the best bet. 

Why White Label Solutions Are Perfect For Your Crypto Exchange Software?

Affordable and Time-Saving

White label solutions are pre-built, tested multiple times, and ready to launch solutions. Thus eliminating the need to build from scratch, add functionality, and test them multiple times. White label solutions are affordable and saves business valuable time by speeding up the development process. As these software solutions are pre-built, you can even ask for a demo before buying them from a white label solutions provider. 

Easily Customizable

Even though white label solutions are pre-built, that doesn’t mean you can’t do customization in them. These software solutions are easy to customize and can modify to meet specific business needs. As a business, you can change the app’s layout, design, theme, logo and completely rebrand software as per your business. Even with all this customization, you can still launch your own white label cryptocurrency exchange solution within five to ten weeks.

Reliable Solution

As you already know that these white label cryptocurrency exchange solutions are pre-built and are ready to launch. Not only this, these software solutions test multiple times during the development stages for zero bugs, performance, functionality, and usability testing. Proper feedback is taken from the company to whom similar white label solutions were sold earlier regarding the feedback and performance. Thus, when you buy this ready-made software, there is a surety that these are reliable solutions.

Quick to Launch

The crypto market is volatile, and these white-label cryptocurrency exchange solutions are the best to enter this fast-growing market. These solutions are easy to customize, install, configure and launch your own exchange within a few weeks.

Zero Technical Knowledge Required

White label software is a ready-made solution, thus eliminating the need to hire technical experts to steer the development process. Although you don’t need technical knowledge with white label software solutions, you need a software development company to tailor them as per your business needs.

How Much Does A White Label Crypto Exchange Cost?

White label cryptocurrency exchange solutions are ready-made and development costs usually vary between $20,000 – $25,000 (approx). However, depending on the customizations and features you plan to add to your crypto exchange software, the development cost may increase.

Additional features that might add up to the development cost

  • KYC Integration
  • Anti Money Laundering Integration
  • Payment Integration
  • Cross-Platform Capability
  • Limitless Cash Exchange Pair
  • Market Making
  • Crypto Wallet Integration
  • IEO Integrated Module
  • White Labeling Services

Wrapping Up

Hope now you have all the information about white label solutions and why these software solutions are getting so popular among businesses worldwide. With these ready-made solutions businesses to ditch the scratch development process. And go for ready-made solutions that tailor to meet their business requirements. These software solutions are ready to deploy and tested multiple times, making them a reliable option for your software development. Make sure you choose a trusted white label cryptocurrency exchange software development company provider for your trading platform. Buying a white label solution from a trusted partner lets you launch a bug-free, secure, feature-rich, and highly reliable crypto trading platform. 

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