What to do When the Brother Printer is not Receiving the Print Command?

Brother is a top Japanese hardware manufacturing company. This industry is best known for distributing a large range of printer devices. Brother printer’s interface is very simple and easy to configure. You can connect the Brother to various devices using a wireless or wired connection. But many times Brother printer users get the error while taking the printouts. The user sends the print command but the printer is not printing the document. 

Reasons for Brother printer, not printing error

  1. Brother printer is not connected
  2. A runtime error occurs while sending the print command
  3. Brother driver is not working
  4. Your printer can’t fetch the ink
  5. Cartridges are not installed properly
  6. Paper Jamming
  7. The printhead is not working

Resolving Brother printer not printing error

Restart the Brother device

The Brother printer may face a runtime error while printing. Due to the error, the printer can’t receive the command. The error occurs when a service stops unexpectedly. You have to restart your printer to run all services. Power restart the Brother printer to run the services from the beginning. Now resend the same print job to the Brother device and take the printouts.

Check the printer connection

If the printer is not connected to the PC, inspect the cable. Use another USB cord for the printer connection. Only use the high-speed cable otherwise the printer won’t work. When the USB port seems loose, connect the printer using another port. If you are wondering why is my Brother printer not connecting to Wifi then inspect the router. Many times, the router restricts certain devices to connect. You have to restart the router and again check for connection. After enabling the WPS button, press the Wi-Fi button on the printer. Check for all the networks and click on your SSID. Complete the printer connection and use the Brother device reliably.

Update the Brother printer device

The printer can’t communicate with your PC if the driver is not working. The user has to check the errors on the driver. In case the driver is outdated; get its new update. Go to Brother software and run the update. If the update is not working and showing errors then check the driver files. Use the driver repair tool on the PC. Instead of repairing, you can also reinstall your printer device. Choose the Brother device on the system and remove it. Now download a new setup for your Brother printer. The printer will start working when it gets the correct driver for communication.

Reset the Brother printer

If the printer is not receiving the commands after changing the settings the settings then undo them. Reopen your Brother printer and go to Settings. Revert the recent changes and try running the printer. If you don’t know the initial settings then reset it. Using the factory reset will change all the settings for the initial state. Go to Brother device and click on Initial Setup. Choose Reset and wait. The printer will restart with factory settings. The user has to configure the Brother printer with his system. Open the system and go to Printers. Click on Add Printer and search for Brother. Configure the printer and send a new print command to the Brother device.

Check the ink level

The printer can’t work if it is unable to fetch the ink. The user has to check the ink level on his Brother printer. If there is no ink, get a new cartridge for the printer. Eject the empty cartridge and install the new one. Don’t try to use the clone cartridge. Many Brother printer models can’t read the third-party cartridges. But when the reliable cartridges are costly then refill the empty cartridge. Eject the original printer cartridge and refill the ink. Always purchase good quality ink for refilling the cartridges. Now, reload the refilled cartridge on the Brother device and check the ink level. Sometimes, the ink gets dry inside the cartridge. You can add the solvent into the ink and shake the cartridge. Insert the cartridge and now try to fetch the ink for printing. 

Install the cartridge correctly

Many times, the user forgets to remove the protective tape before installing the cartridge. The pins can’t touch the contacts and the printer can’t read the cartridge. You have to take out the cartridge and reinstall it correctly. Remove the protective tape and check the side pins. Install it correctly on the Brother printer and put down the scanning tray. Check the cartridge status on your Brother device to take the printouts.  

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