The Best Spot in Indonesia to Enjoy Sunrise

Indonesia never runs out of its natural beauty. One of the natural beauties that can be enjoyed in Indonesia is the sunrise. Sunrise is one of the destinations people travel. Enjoying the sunrise is a very interesting thing to do while on vacation. The charm of the sunrise that can only be obtained at certain times cannot be missed. Indonesia itself has a lot of spots to get to watch the beauty of the sunrise. 

Curious where the spot is? Here are the best sunrise spots  in Indonesia that you must visit.

1. Lake Batur, Bali

The best sunrise spot in Indonesia that you can visit, the first is Lake Batur in Bali. Maybe in Bali, to see the sunrise, people will visit the beaches. Like Sanur Beach, Kuta Beach or Pandawa Beach. But it turns out that it’s not only the beach, you know. You can also enjoy the sunrise at a lake called Lake Batur.

In addition to providing a sunrise view, another view that you can get is a collection of clouds covering Mount Batur.

2. Mount Rinjani, Lombok

Furthermore, the best sunrise spot in Indonesia is Mount Rinjani. Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci. Mount Rinjani, which has a height of 3,000 meters above sea level, can also be an interesting spot to enjoy the sunrise because of the incredibly beautiful view. In the Mount Rinjani area there are savannas, craters, waterfalls, and hot springs that you can visit other than to enjoy the sunrise.

3. Mount Bromo, East Java

Furthermore, the best sunrise spot in Indonesia is Mount Bromo. No need to doubt, the top of the mountain is one of the best choices to enjoy the sunrise. Well, Mount Bromo is one of them. The attraction that is owned by Mount Bromo is very beautiful so it is visited by many tourists, both local and foreign tourists. If you want to visit Mount Bromo, you can use a jeep from the city of Malang provided by tour services.

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4. Sikunir Peak, Central Java

Furthermore, the best sunrise spot in Indonesia is Puncak Sikunir in Central Java, precisely in the Dieng plateau. From this Sikunir Peak, visitors will be presented with natural beauty from a height. Sikunir Peak is the best spot to enjoy the sunrise in Central Java. Even Dieng Peak is said to have the best sunrise in Southeast Asia, you know. Amazing isn’t it?

5. Mangunan Fruit Garden, Central Java

Furthermore, the best sunrise spot in Indonesia is the Mangunan Fruit Garden. Still in Central Java, to be precise in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta does have many charms that attract people to visit. Besides being famous for its gudeg, it turns out that Yogyakarta has a spot to enjoy the sunrise. From the top peak, you can enjoy the sunrise and be covered in the background of gardens and rivers which are located on about 23 hectares of land.

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6. Lake Toba, North Sumatra

best sunrise spot

This time we crossed to the island of Sumatra, to be precise in North Sumatra. North Sumatra also has the best spot to enjoy the sunrise. That spot is Lake Toba. Lake Toba is one of the super priority destinations that have been set by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. Yes, it is not wrong that Lake Toba is designated as a super priority destination. Because Lake Toba is the most complete tourist destination. Everything is in Lake Toba, from culture, history, culinary, even natural beauty.

One of the natural beauty is here you can enjoy the sunrise. Not only one spot, almost all areas on Lake Toba can be a place to enjoy the sunrise. One of them is at the Tele View Tower where you can enjoy the sunrise. The tower is located between Pangururan hill towards Sidikalang.

7. Mount Kerinci, Jambi

Furthermore, the best sunrise spot in Indonesia is Mount Kerinci. It is undeniable that the mountain is a very good spot to enjoy the sunrise. One of them is Mount Kerinci which has a height of 3,805 masl that you can’t miss. The natural charms it has include dense forests, to turquoise craters that make Mount Kerinci a must for you to visit. But for you beginner climbers, it is not recommended because the climbing terrain is quite difficult.

8. Sumur Tiga Beach, Sabang

And the last best sunrise spot in Indonesia that Seindo Travel recommends for you is at the zero point of Indonesia, namely Sabang. As we know, the beach is one of the best spots to enjoy the sunrise. Besides Bali, Sabang is also famous for having beautiful white sandy beaches, as well as having very beautiful marine tourism. One of them is Sumur Tiga Beach. The beauty of Sumur Tiga Beach also compared to Hawaii because of its beauty. In addition to seeing the sunrise, there are many other very interesting activities such as surfing, diving , and snorkeling .

Well, how about Seindo pal, there are lots of spots to enjoy the sunrise, right?

If you have been wanting to vacation abroad, you should undo your intentions. S ebaiknya we explore the first tourist destination in our beloved country Indonesia. Are you interested in visiting it? You can visit it by using the services of Seindo Travel. There are many holiday packages at Seindotravel that you can choose for your vacation.

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