Silage making machine Manufactured by specialists employing technology

Silage making machine:

Silage making machine is an automatic machine for plummeting straw or hay into little parts. Former than being assorted with additional look for and fed to horses and farm animals. This assists the animal’s addition and stops animals from declining any part of their meals. Chaff and hay played a dynamic role in most farming industrial because they become used for nourishing horses. Chaff cutters have built up from the vital machines into advanced trendy machines. That may be keen at varied speeds and might get diverse distances of cuts of chaff about animal favorite sort.

The Company offers cutting-edge agricultural mechanization devices, distribution, and optional results in cooperation with foremost builders. Malik Argo Industries is one of the most larger mechanized farming tasks released by Malik Argo Industries. We feel pride in providing cutting-edge devices for land repetition, sowing, and planting, silage & hay business, and baled material handling. We offer subtle chaff cutter blades. Please do touch us for bulk discounts and trade chances for chaff cutter blades.


  • It is a durable, enduring, and low upholding machine.
  • Also, it cuts the food equivalently, which is perfect for the livestock.
  • It perks up the digestion of Cattle yielding more milking output capacity.
  • Moreover, it decreases the consumption of fodder.

Chaff cutter apparatuses & Feed Food Processor machine:

​These chaff cutter and fodder processors vital depend on the rank of mechanization particular and the rank of efficacy in dairy farms. Though, some machines are vital as the chaff cutter machine and food processors. Installation of such quick chaff cutters is also a need if one needs to remain high-yielding crossbred cows. Dairy farms with 50 or extra animals may also need a cutting-edge model chaff cutter, which can cut all types of chaff cut in varied sizes. These are the most up-to-date Silage making machines in modern times of Pakistan/ South Africa where each dairy farm, can make use of the full capability to upsurge the milk by feeding cow’s the apt meal made from high calcium and mineral-rich crops and silage made from paddy, sugar cane, corn, etc.

Fresh Green Fodder is best appropriate for milking animals, our green grass chaff cutting machines. Moreover, the freshest machines with fast technology that helps dairy farming to increase milk efficiency in animals. This most leading-edge chaff cutter, and Silage making machines, also used as palm leaf chaff cutter. As these chaff cutter and chaff cutting apparatuses are auto feeder types and give advanced recital and results to any dairy farmer. Hit the mark to other obtainable chaff cutter and chaff cutting machines in Pakistan, South Africa, and all over the world.

Malik Agro Industries chaff cutter:

Our smart apparatus offers very well-organized prime size declining of varied material mixes. But is also appropriate for grinding soft, medium-hard, flexible, or tough samples. Smart cuttings machines put onward a high level of working defense and suitability.

Malik Argo Industries is the Dealer, Manufacturer, Trader, and Provider of chaff cutter Machine, Chaff Cutter, etc., and high performance, meek installation; extensive shelf life, and highest quality are some of the known landscapes of our accessible variety of products. Silage-making machine grain crushers do an assortment of jobs: fodder cutting and grain milling. The 2 purposes work clearly with diverse feed ports and clearing ports.

Quality products:

In linking with our quality products we are a step forward when entire system solutions add up to meet the provisions and forecasts of today’s farmers. Also, malik Argo Industries apparatus and machines are incessantly the right variety. For modern, sustainable, and value-creating system solutions in livestock agricultural, and dairy industries. Our nearby variety of products is very durable, rustproof, has a long practical life, is dimensionally specific, and dependable. Although, we present these products in many technical stipulations to gather the pied demands of the customers. As well, customers can get these possessions from us at stable prices within an enthusiastic time edge.

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