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SEP website for Zambian Meat: Investigate Secret Case Information!

Take a look at the truth and fiction behind a cannibalistic and murderous episode that started when two total strangers connected in a chat room on the Zambian Meat Website.

South Africa, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States all conduct online searches for the Zambian Meat website to learn about a horrible tragedy that occurred on November 4, 2012. Did you know that the incident was connected to cannibalism, torture, and a murder case?

We give you insider information about the event at the Zambian Meat plant. To learn more about the Zambian Meat Website, read this article.

The preliminary results

Detlev G, a former police officer, was detained by German authorities in November 2013 for the murder and mutilation of a 59-year-old man. In 2013, Detlev G was 55 years old.

The victim and Detlev exchanged a number of texts, chats, and emails, which were found by the police. They connected through Zambian Meat’s online chat feature, which is a cannibalistic website.

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There are numerous unresolved linkages. Detlev, for instance, withheld the reason why the victim was killed. The public is not made aware of the victim’s name or identify, nor is the cannibalistic website’s URL disclosed.

Website Two Sides Of Zambian Meat Story

The victim was attracted by the idea of cannibalism from a young age and desired to be killed and eaten, according to the communications the victim and Detlev exchanged and Detlev’s confession.

The German police, however, discovered that Detlev lacked any personality abnormalities, suicidal inclinations, or a desire to murder anyone.

The Detlev Arrest:

When Detlev was detained on November 11, 2013, he was still working for the Saxony State Office of Criminal Investigation’s forensics division. Since Detlev was unnoticeable, his coworkers were likewise astounded by the situation involving his website for Zambian meat.

The Incident’s Timeline:

On November 4, 2012, Detlev and the victim met at Dresden’s railway station. They then went to breakfast close to the Czech border, when the victim consented to be slain.

They both travelled to Detlev’s lodging in the Ore Mountains. The victim was tortured, killed, and dismembered, according to the police, before being buried in the garden of Detlev’s lodging.

Detlev admitted to killing the Hanover victim with a knife attack that was life-threatening and then dismembering him in the cellar.

Incident Regarding the Website for Zambian Meat:

The police stated that Detlev had not confessed to eating the victim’s body parts and that the rumours about him doing so may have originated from the fact that Detlev and the victim had connected online.


Online reports state that on Tuesday, December 13, 2016, a Dresden court convicted Detlev guilty of murder and sentenced him to eight years, seven months in jail.

Life in prison had been requested by the prosecution. Nevertheless, Detlev’s evidence that the victim had intended to die makes it impossible to rule out the possibility that the victim had suicidal tendencies. These specifics are all provided based on information from web resources. We are merely providing information; we are not endorsing such behaviours.

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