QuickBooks Error H303: “Your QB Needs Some Help Connecting

QuickBooks Error H303 appears and shows on the screen when a company file, which is saved on another computer, needs a configuration. There are several reasons behind this error including damage.ND file, failure in configuration setting or an anti-virus or security software which is blocking the access. Check this blog and know how can you fight the error if it will arise somehow during the use of the accounting application QuickBooks.

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How to Identify It’s QuickBooks Error H303

These are the common symptoms of error code H303:

  1. An error message arises “ This company file is on another computer, and QuickBooks requires some assistance connecting”.
  2. Users are no longer to access company files stored on another workstation
  3. The system will freeze
  4. QuickBooks will not work properly

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Main Causes of QuickBooks Error H303

Every error has its own reasons or failures to occur:

  1. An incorrect configuration setting
  2. A damaged or corrupted.ND file
  3. QBCF (QuickBooks Company File Monitoring) service is not activated
  4. Security software that is blocking the way to access another workstation
  5. Due to network server failure
  6. QuickBooks is not able to access the Internet Protocol (IP) address of another computer

Troubleshoot & Quick Fix QuickBooks Error H303

Solution 1. Turn on Host Multi-User Access

  1. Open QuickBooks on the System where you get the error code H303
  2. Go to the File menu then click on Utilities
  3. Do not select the Host multi-user access option
  4. Move to another workstation
  5. Go to Utilities and select Stop using multi-user access option
  6. Repeat all these steps on every connected system
  7. Go back to the server computer
  8. Open QuickBooks
  9. Go to the File menu then click on Utilities
  10. Choose the Host multi-user entry option but do not prefer to stop hosting multi-user access
  11. Restart the PC and check for the error

Solution 2. By Changing QuickBooks Folder Location

  1. Go to the host computer and create a new folder
  2. Turn on Windows Access Permission to share company files
  3. Select the .qbw file and copy it to a new folder
  4. Open the company file in multi-user mode by clicking on it

Solution 3. Check & reconfigure your Firewall Settings

  1. Go to the Start button and open Control Panel
  2. Open Firewall Settings from Control Panel
  3. Turn on Allow a Program Through Firewall
  4. Click on add schedule and add “QuickBooks 20xx” to the anomaly list
  5. Restart the PC and try to open the company file again

We hope, all these solutions will help you to resolve QuickBooks Error H303 but it is recommended to use one solution at one time. If all the methods will fail, dial 1.855.738.2784 and counter every kind of QuickBooks error including error code H303 directly.

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