Is Your iPhone/iPad Overheating? Here’s a Fix

The iPhone and the iPad are fabulous devices when it comes to performance. Both the devices are equipped with Apple’s inherent processors that are designed for their operating system. However, there are times when both the devices face heating issues due to some reason. So, if your iPhone/iPad is overheating, you don’t need to worry. Here are a few fixes that you can try to resolve the problem. Also check phone

Causes of an Overheated iPhone and iPad

Gaming is one of the primary issues for the iPhone and iPad to overheat. As games require a lot of processing power to display graphical videos as well as recognise the command inputs. Similarly, streaming videos for long hours can also cause the iPhone/iPad to overheat. Using the devices while they are charging is another cause of overheating.

Also, when your device starts to overheat, you feel like the device has slowed down and it isn’t performing the way it should. Moreover, you may notice that your iPhone or iPad is becoming too hot to touch and the display is slightly dimmed. Furthermore, when the heat gets too much, the iPhone by default displays a message that the iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it.

Fix The iPhone and iPads Overheating Issue

  • Close All Apps

Using the app switcher, you should close all apps that are running on your device. For iPhones and iPad that have the home button, double press the button to bring up the app switcher and swipe up to close running apps. If your iPad or iPhone doesn’t have a home button, swipe up and hold from the bottom of the screen for the app switcher menu. Similarly, swipe up individual apps to close them.

  • Restrict Background App Refresh

Background app refresh needs processing power and thus the device may heat up. Head to the Settings app > General > Background App Refresh. Using the toggle switch turn off background app refresh for all apps or individual apps as per your preference. The process of restricting background app refresh is the same on the iPhone and the iPad.

  • Turn on Airplane Mode

To quickly cool your device, you can turn on Airplane mode via the control centre or from the Settings app. This quick iPhone troubleshooting method can help your device cool down swiftly. Swipe down from the top left corner of the screen and tap on the Airplane logo. You can also head to Settings > Turn on Airplane mode via the toggle switch.

  • Remove Unused Apps

Even though you aren’t using certain applications, they take up valuable space and power via background app refreshes. Moreover, if you’re using automatic updates, the unused apps will continue to install new versions of the app. So, if you no longer need an application, it is recommended that you uninstall them.

Finally, if nothing else works, you should restart your device. Quickly press and release the volume up button followed by the volume down button then press and hold the power button until you see the Apple logo on your iPhone or iPad. Post restarting, the iPhone/iPad overheating issue might get resolved.

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