How to remove PDF pages & Split them into multiple files?

In today’s world full of technologies it is much easier to search for the problems that one person faces. The internet has explored many of the advanced options to solve the problem. In these types of problems, students also face difficulties during their educational careers. Some need solutions for their presentation related problems and some need conversion of the educational material into other advanced options.

For this purpose, the SPIN PDF introduces the online tools that help in converting the whole document into other formats and files. One can delete, remove, edit, modify or change the document during the conversion process. This article will help you in understanding the conversion process and editing and removal of different pages. This will help you easily access the problem-based solutions through this tool.

How do PDF pages remove from PDF files?

The SPIN PDF tool provides a platform of online tools to convert documents. Although the PDF is a non-editable document and preserves the formatting in its original form, this converter also helps in removing and splitting the PDF pages or file into multiple files. The process of removing PDF pages from PDF files can be done by the following steps:

  1. For the process of any document you need an online tool. First select the Remove pages pdf tool to remove the pages from PDF file
  2. First select the “Remove pages” from the SPLIT PDF tool that is designed for the removal of one or more pages from the PDF file
  3. Select the PDF file that need extraction of pages from it and drop it onto the Remove pages tool
  4. Click on button to select the pages that you want to extract from the PDF file for free of cost 
  5. You can again cut or delete the pages after clicking on different pages
  6. After processing you will received the PDF file in new form
  7. You can download the PDF file with the extraction of unwanted PDF pages

How do you split a PDF file into multiple files?

Split PDF is also an online tool from the SPIN PDF tools list and its main purpose is to separate PDF pages using the “Split PDF online tool” and convert them into other files or multiple files. This tool is basically designed for the splitting of PDF files into other files and this has some kind of steps for the processing. These steps can be easily understood by every person including students, workers, businessmen and other employees that need the standardised formatting and conversion in a short time. They can easily modify their material in PDF as well as other files through this tool. Split PDF has some basic steps that can be described by the following:

  1. First of all you have to select a PDF file and put it on to the Split PDF online tool
  2. You can access your PDF file from any source. For example GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive and also can put the URL of your document or file
  3. Select the file from any source and click on the button of select file
  4. You can select the pages to split PDF pages online
  5. Click on the two of the options to select the “Split by Page” and “Split by Range”. Select the option that you want
  6. After selecting the option you can again select the option to “Separate file” or “One file” as per your selection
  7. Finally click On the Split PDF button to separate the pages or split them for the free of cost

After using the SPIN PDF tool you will be able to download the new file and if you need more editing and formatting in the document, you can easily modify it multiple times through it. 

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