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How to Determine Which Writing Surface is Best for Your Desk?

The initial patent application for the ballpoint pen was submitted to the United States Patent Office on June 10, 1943. As a result, we honor the omnipresent implement by celebrating National Ballpoint Pen Day on that particular day of the year.

It is true that it is not the most attractive thing, that it does not seem as elegant as a fountain pen, and that the ink does not flow as smoothly as a gel pen. But it gets the job done, and the odds are that you have one within arm’s reach right now – you checked, didn’t you? — since you’re probably using it.

On top of that, why not give those texting thumbs a break once and pick up a pen and paper to send an actual letter to a friend or family member. After all, the power of the pen continues to outweigh that of the sword!

These Are the Best Desks Around

If you are going to the trouble of writing a letter to someone you care about, you want your handwriting to seem as good as possible.

To that aim, it is essential to have a desk that provides the best writing surface possible. The natural grain and salvaged materials on coffee tables and shelves may make for an attractive combination. However, due to the uneven texture of the wood, they are not the best choice for desks where writing or paperwork needs to be done. This is because the texture of the wood can cause disruptions in the flow of your penmanship.

Even while you want your words to affect your friend, you don’t want them to have the same effect on your desk, especially if you’ve spent a lot of money on a nice piece of office furniture.

Certain coatings, such as lacquer and polyurethane, will smooth out discrepancies while offering some resistance to the pressure you apply with your pen.

At Creative Furniture, we are particularly fond of our modern office furniture because it is incredibly smooth, making it ideal for flowing handwriting. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and is extremely durable.

Last but not least, it imparts a pristine and sumptuous atmosphere, which works wonderfully with our streamlined and contemporary approach.

A Slightly Added Layer of Protection

A desk pad could be exactly what you need if you don’t have the ideal surface for writing on or if you’re searching for something with a softer side.

A simple option is the Artistic KristalView desk pad with Microban, which can be purchased for sixty dollars and comes with a non-slip grip to keep the pad in place. It is impregnated with an antibacterial agent to prevent the growth of bacteria. It allows you to slide photos and other souvenirs underneath it to look at them as you work.

Ampad’s basic desk pad, which retails for $18 and is more or less a huge sketch pad, is sure to be a hit with individuals who enjoy doodling and jotting down notes.

A magnificent leather desk mat, such as the one sold by Decasso for $150, is the epitome of luxurious accouterments. It has wrapped edges for a polished look and felt backing to protect your desk from scratches.

Feeling inspired? We certainly do. Now go out into the world and experience the might of the pen!

Do you still send personal letters by hand, or have you transitioned entirely to electronic mail for all your correspondence? In the comments section, please let us know which one you prefer!

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