3 Key Elements of Effective Meeting Management

Meetings are the reason behind effective and apt communication within your office. They are the reason for creative collaborations and overall coordination in the company. In America, there are 55million meetings reported to be conducted weekly. The annual worldwide numbers are much higher than that. Stats show that

“Meetings take up 15% of a company’s collective time which has a direct impact and link to employees performance”

The use of meetings management software is important because they show clear results but that is not always the case as meetings can be unproductive and frustrating for several reasons. If you are not careful about the way you plan your meetings then they can be very harmful and damaging for your employee’s confidence and productivity. No one likes to be involved in a boring and stretched meeting which makes them disengage and unfocused on the work. According to a study:

“71% of the meetings are reported to be inefficient”

That number is extremely unsettling for the company owners as they are the one who suffers the loss of unfruitful meetings. What can be done to eradicate the issue of sterile meetings is the main question. So, here are some of the key elements of conducting meetings that provide positive results and become a financially sound asset-making machine for the administration.

3 Key Elements of Effective Meeting Management

Careful Selection Of Attendees

Attendees are the most valuable part of any meeting so be careful of who you invite for the discussion. It is important to note that the lesser the people the more authentic and focused the discussion will be. There are studies that show that meeting with fewer than 8 people are the most focused one. It is easier to navigate the topic and overall discussions when you have fewer people in the room. So, invite-only those who are extremely important to the cause.

Create and Follow the Agenda

For keeping the meeting successful you have to create and forward the meeting agenda to all the people who are attending. Almost every other meeting management system has this feature in which you can create and send the agenda to everyone. It will not only help in keeping everyone prepared but also help immensely in keeping the discussion on track.

Keep It Short

On average, all the executive-level people will spend almost 18 hours at meetings. But in these hours half of the attendees zone out if the meeting time exceeds even 45minutes. Longer meetings are a hassle and primarily a waste of time if we quote honestly. Meeting management software is great in keeping the record of every minute that is spent on the discussion. Studies show that:

“Meetings that are 30minutes or less are the most fruitful ones.”

So, keep your meeting precise and short and eliminate all the time-wasting distractions. When your participants know that the meeting is not going to last long then they will try to participate as soon as possible which results in the maximum amount of productivity.

Bottom Line

A good meeting management system is something that every organization primarily needs. It is a necessity for conducting better, fruitful, and high-yielding meetings. Meeting management software provides you with a better and numerical understanding of the success or failure of your discussion which will be a great help in deciding the perimeters of the next meeting.

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The features of every meeting management system depend on your need but you will collectively need a system that is a complete package just like the one available at inLogic Meeting Management System. This system is the most amazing and comprehensive one we could find in the market right now.

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