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Create Content for Instagram How to Make Content from scratch

How To Create Content On Instagram From Scratch?

The engagement rates of Instagram are 15 times more than Facebook Click Here while 20 times greater than Twitter.

81% of users use Instagram to search for products and services with the intention to buy.

If you think that Instagram is only for B2C companies, reconsider your thinking.

36.2 percent of B2B decision-makers make use of Instagram to look up the latest products and services.

You’ve heard the fact that Instagram is a goldmine for getting genuine followers and engagement that could lead to actual customers or customers.

As an owner of a business, creating content for Instagram can be a bit daunting!

You might feel demotivated you are struggling with writing blocking…

…or perhaps you’re at confusion about where to start with Instagram content.

If you’re thinking that’s you, read on.

Since today, we’re giving you the 10-step blueprint for creating fast, efficient content for Instagram from beginning to finish.

Let’s take a dive!

Types Of Content On Instagram That You Can Create


There are feed posts, that are most likely the most popular.

They can be videos or images that are lasting up to one minute, and you can contain up to 10 each in a feed posting.

Instagram Stories

You can have Instagram Stories, which are only available for 24 hours unless you put them in your Highlights and organize them according to the topic.

They will remain visible in your Highlights unless you decide to erase them.

50percent of users have visited a site to purchase a product or service after viewing a product or service advertised in Stories.

This is certainly something you’ll want to incorporate when you’re creating the creation of your Instagram post creation.


You’ve got Reels that are the most recent type of content.

Reels are “short entertaining, fun videos” on Instagram where you can show your creative side and bring your brand’s image into focus.

The people who visit Reels to be part of fashions in the arts, join the community, and explore innovative ideas.”

They can run up to a minute long They automatically loop, and they’re booming in organic reach and are the latest type of content.

We have created a detailed introductory article on Instagram Reels for those who want to understand all you can about them before you start.


The next type of content we’ve got is IgTVs. They are long-form video clips which can run up to one hour long.

Instagram Lives

We also have Instagram Lives, which are only visible in real time while they are being recorded.

It’s except if you save them, and then publish them on IGTV.


Last in our listing of kinds of content available on Instagram there are Guides. The ones that Instagram states are:

“a way to quickly find tips, recommendations and other information…

…from your top people, public figures as well as publishers, associations, and organizations via Instagram.”

Instagram Guidelines are hand-picked guides to places, products or even posts.

This is an illustration of how a small businessman uses Guides.

There are many social media scheduling tools that you can choose from, including the free one Facebook provides from the comfort on you FB account…

…which we explained how to use the tools in Facebook publishing tools article.

Certain events, however, can’t be planned in advance, like Stories, Reels, etc.

However, we suggest to plan what you can ahead of time and note down the content that needs to be released at the moment.

This is how you change from having zero to having a comprehensive schedule of content for Instagram.

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