Probably one of the prettiest places in India, this hilly place bound by high rise mountains and pristine snow makes every excursion worth it. It is the perfect place to go to for a spiritual cleanse and to become one with nature. The natural surroundings provide a much needed change from the jutting skyscrapers filled modern city. It is not just a favourite of hippie travelers but also one that carries history and ancient tradition. It has one of a kind beauty which keeps you wide eyed throughout your stay. A place that remains untouched continues to remain in its shell, close to nature and nearer to god while the rest of the world sings songs of development. Manali is probably the best place for people who enjoy trekking as its hilly geography and high altitude has a trek for every mood and preference. Here are some of the best treks that you can find in Marvellous Manali-

The Humpta pass Trek

It is definitely a GO-TO trek in Himachal. It is the perfect hike to quench your thirst for some bountiful greenery of nature and the serenity of mountains. The trail starts in Manali and goes over the Kullu Valley to the Spiti Valley. It is one of the most magnificent experiences of trekking in the Kullu Manali Region. The trek goes on for about 5-6 days with an altitude of about 14,100 ft with the starting point being Manali and End Point Chatru.

Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Trek is the place you have been wanting to go to your whole life with stunning views of the Peel Punjar Mountains and the gorgeous Bees River. Hang your soul from the magnificent meadows of Dundi and Bakartach, and finally from the glacial lake of Beas Kund. The difficulty level is moderate with time to complete spanning about 3 days however the beauty and the whole satisfying experience makes it worth it.

Lamadugh Trek

Known for its astounding beauty, this two-day hike will make you familiar with the true rustic beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Endless Green Valleys and road paved with snow. The famous trail is known to refresh the body and rejuvenate the mind. Deo Tibba and Indrasan add to the joy of hikers on their way to the summit. You can also experience the fascinating beauty of the Bara shigri Glacier. The final part of the hike is one of the best small hikes in Manali, by moving the ridge horizontally as you enter Lamadugh. With an altitude of about 9900ft this 2 day hike is of moderate difficulty.

Chandratal Baralacha Trek

With an elevation of 4300m this trek provides stunning picturesque views such as goregeous sunsets being reflected upon the neighbouring lakes and creating a myriad of colours. The trek is at a distance if 115 kms from Manali and about six to seven hours long, trekkers cover about 18kms worth of distance in it.

Chandrakhani Pass

The trek is beginner level perched at an altitude of 3860 metres. It is 21 kms away from Manali. It provides panoramic views of the neighbouring ranges of Deo Tibba, Parbati and Pir Panjal. It’s an aesthetic destination perfect for fulfilling your photography endeavours and photoshoots. The trek makes the trekker aware of the mesmerizing beauty of the kullu valley also known as valley of gods. Beneath these massive hills lie stories of local tradition and folklore whose essence continues to stay in the region,making the trek an intresting fusion of adventure and tradition.

Bhrigu lake

 This one is one of the most beautiful grasslands trek in Himaca]hal. At about 20 kms to the north of Manali is located the fascinating Bhrigu Lake an ancient folktale says it’s the place where Maharishi Bhrigu would sit and meditate, hence the name. It flaunts dazzling swiss landscapes of lush greenery and pristine grasslands. This one will definitely make you feel like you are in one of those songs in Bollywood movies. The climb is quite high of 14000ft with the trek spanning about 4 days, the villages, waterbodies and earthy armosphere makes it worthwhile.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your bagpacks and head on to Manali.

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