Why do small companies need to start thinking about Christmas preparations now?

Businesses must prepare carefully before leaving their premises vacant for the holiday break. Whether closed for many weeks or just a few days. Opportunistic burglars are well aware that this is when many small practices are abandoned, and some will believe. Correctly or not, that smaller businesses have less sophisticated security mechanisms in place.

Please start thinking about how you’ll safeguard your property now to make it less of a target for burglars to prevent your company from falling victim to the less merry among us. Darryn Bull of ADT Security offers the following advice and schedule to help you prepare for a stress-free holiday season. Get more related article: ADT security system for business.

Set up a security system that is adequately monitored

If you don’t already have one. You should consider getting one today. Particularly, if you want one properly installed and monitored. ADT Security may send an expert to your location to analyze the layout and talk about your company needs before designing a system. That meets your goals and fits your budget. Before arranging the installation by a skilled technician. They will advise on the best number of motion sensors to use and where they should be placed.

The advantage of hiring a professional service provider over a DIY system is that your alarm monitor by a back-to-base center that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including the holidays. The monitoring center will notify you or your designated representative when the alert is activated. Furthermore, if necessary, they may dispatch a police vehicle to your place of business to conduct a thorough investigation.

A month before the holiday season:

Ensure that all of the doors, locks, sensor lights and smoke alarms are functional.

This is the time to double-check that all of your doors, gates, sensor lights, and locks are operational. So that if they need to be changed. You’ll have plenty of time before the office shuts. Check your smoke alarms, and consider connecting them with your security system. So they can be monitored by the ADT back-to-base centre and give you notifications. If a fire or smoke is detected while you’re away.

Improve the security of your property

If you currently have a security system, you should think about updating. It so that you can take advantage of the most recent technologies. This might include upgrading to an ADT Integrated Security System. Which enables you to operate your alarm system as well as any linked appliances or lights from your phone using our user-friendly mobile app. When you’re gone, you may use this to switch lights on and off to create the impression. That your home is inhabited, as well as activate and disarm your alarm system. If your workplace is equipped with security cameras. You can use our app to check a live stream of the office and verify that everything is in working order.

Money and valuables should keep safe

Remove any cash and valuables from the premises if feasible, or at the absolute least. Make sure they aren’t visible from ground level windows and entryways. During shutdown times, some companies want to put a notice up stating. That no cash is left on the premises and that CCTV monitoring is in place. Maintaining a well-lit environment with a mix of sensor lights around the perimeter and automatic lighting inside are additional significant deterrents. Especially for vandals and opportunistic thieves. Importantly, if you’ll be gone for a long time, don’t let on to passers-by that you’ll be gone. Even if the office is closed to the general public, strive to create that person still there.

Make an appointment with your security company

It’s a good idea to call your security provider at this point to double-check. They have up-to-date emergency contact information. Remember to choose someone that the monitoring center can call easily and quickly in the case of an emergency. Since your regular contact may be leaving.

Make a last-minute checklist

Create a checklist of everything that has to be done on the last day before the company shuts this week. Determine who will be the last person to leave the premises. That day (preferably a senior employee) and make sure they know the proper protocol. Including securing doors and windows and shutting off superfluous utilities. Request that they do a final perimeter check and arm the security system.

You’ll be able to enjoy your well-deserved holiday, happy in the knowledge that your workplace is secure. You’ve done all possible to keep it from being a target for thieves if you’re adequately prepared and start preparing for the Christmas season early.

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