5 Tattoo Care Tips You Need To Know

Congratulations on completing your goal! You’ve been waiting a long time to get that tattoo, and you did it! Perhaps you decided to get a tattoo in an instant. Alternatively, you could be searching for information on tattoo aftercare in the future. We’re here to tell you about your top five most important tattoo-aftercare hints.

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1. No Soaking

Tattoos are permanent, therefore you’ll want to make sure you follow the correct tattoo-healing-friendly habits during those weeks leading up to the tattoo being fully healed. We all know to avoid the sun, but few people are aware that they should avoid submerging their tattoos. Although it is accepted belief that “salt water heals all wounds,” this will not help your tattoo. There are no pools, jacuzzis, hot tubs, swimming holes, oceans, seas or rivers during the two weeks it takes to heal your tattoo. You name it; there won’t be any saltwater for the two weeks it

2. Check If Your Ointment Is Fragrance-Free Before Using It

After the tattoo artist has applied the bandage, it is up to you to look after your new tattoo. To ensure that the new tattoo heals properly, apply a thin layer of ointment twice a day for a few weeks.

When it comes to picking the correct ointment, be sure to choose one that is fragrance free. Fragrance free does not mean the ointment has no smell, but rather it is free of additional fragrances. Added fragrances are often the results of adding a chemical to the lotion or ointment, which can irritate a new tattoo.

3. Choose A Sunscreen Designed For Tattoos

Keeping your tattoo safe from the sun is critical for its healing to go as smoothly as possible. But which sunscreen should you use? A SPF of 50 or higher is a good choice, and they now produce sunscreen specifically designed for tattoos! Coppertone has a sunscreen line called “Tattoo Guard,” which is available in stick or lotion form. If Coppertone isn’t right for you, check out the competition; there are several alternatives.

4. Beware Gym Equipment

You don’t have to stop working out just because you got a new tattoo. However, depending on where your tattoo is put, you’ll want to avoid using gym equipment while it’s healing. Despite the efforts of any gym, equipment may get a little filthy. Who knows how many people use the machines, and who knows how many people clean them down after they are done? Before and after each use, it is recommended that you clean the equipment to keep your tattoo safe and sanitary. After a workout, use soap and water to clean the tattoo.

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