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4 easy steps to save your furniture during the move!

Sometimes you have to put your furniture somewhere. You are moving, living in a smaller house, or working abroad for a while: all situations in which it can be helpful to store your furniture temporarily.

But whether it’s long-term or short-term, to keep your furniture in good condition, it’s always vital that you pack and store it properly!


Clean all furniture before storing, from your sofa to your Poang from IKEA.

Dust the furniture with a soft cloth and clean it with the right product:

  • Wood: Wax can prevent the wood from splitting or cracking.
  • Leather: a caring product that keeps the leather supple.
  • Fabric: Wipe the fabric with an antimicrobial detergent to avoid mold.

Let the furniture dry thoroughly. You don’t want them going to storage damp. Finally, dust them off one last time.


Separate the different parts. Remove table legs, disassemble wardrobes and desks, and remove sofa cushions.

This has three significant advantages: the furniture is easier to transport, the risk of scratches and damage is minimized, and you can use your storage space optimally.

Put all screws and small parts in a bag and stick it on the furniture. This way, you know that you will soon be able to find that one bolt and screw!


Wrap as much furniture as possible with hand-wrapping film (seal film). Use moving blankets or towels for extra protection. It protects the item from injury and makes lifting much more manageable. In addition, the foil provides more grip.

Pro-tip: seal all loose parts (cords, screws) to the objects/furniture.


Pack your furniture so that it is well protected in storage. Materials such as leather and wood must be able to breathe. Therefore, avoid plastic, which can encourage mold.

Use dust covers for leather and blankets or sheets for the wood so that the air can circulate. Protect fragile items with bubble wrap.

Use good quality moving boxes and packing chips to protect your belongings.

Seal the boxes carefully with strong tape or tie them shut. And put what’s in it!


Don’t be tempted to pile up your furniture like a Tetris puzzle!

Your stuff needs space and cool and dry storage.

To avoid touch with the floor, place your furniture on a pallet and leave room between it and the wall.

If everything has enough space, you run less risk of things damaging or affecting each other.

Do not stack heavy things on a sofa or mattress, as this can create potholes. Instead, cover your sofa and mattress with a sofa and mattress storage bag. To buy high-quality protective packaging in UK, contact BritwrapAnd think practical and put the items you use most at the front.

It can also be very useful to leave a narrow path in the middle of the storage space so that you can also reach the things in the back.

If you do this, your belongings should be in optimal condition when you come back to pick them up!

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