Comparisons before and after

This is a popular concept for Instagram photos. The content of a pre and after photo can be whatever you want: Whether you’re talking about furniture, a room or you – let your followers know what has changed about someone or something over time. Take, for instance, a record of the changes in your body in the past year or let your family and friends be part of the transformation of your house.

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Selfie deluxe

A smile can be infectious and can spread a positive mood. Therefore, you must record your gorgeous smile in your photo every time. Because thousands of pictures are posted to Instagram each day, Selecting a background that stands out from the other photos is crucial. An absolute eye-catcher is the many photo backdrops available in the Selfie Museum, for example. Snap several awesome selfies and then share them over a few weeks.

A smiley selfie

  • Organize a competition

It isn’t necessary to write content by yourself. Run a contest and let others create great content, which you can then repost. All you need to create is put a unique contest and give away amazing prizes. If you’re on a tight budget, you could also consider putting yourself into a Meet & Greet raffle.

Repost amazing content

A report can be a useful option if you’re looking to increase the number of followers on your Instagram profile with interesting content. Create a beautiful post you have written, one of your followers or a person you know on Instagram. Make sure your followers know you value their contribution.

Ask questions

Commenting on your posts feels wonderful, but it will also allow you to gain reach. The Instagram algorithm detects from responses that your posts are well-known and recommends that they be shared with users who aren’t following you. To get your followers to leave comments frequently, you must always conclude your posts with an intriguing inquiry. Answer the questions personally to keep a connection with your readers.

Photoshop photos for Instagram

Anyone can edit photos to ensure that they appear professional. However, it takes courage to alter yourself using photoshop or similar programs to the point that hilarious images are created. Your followers will be impressed that you’re funny and have fun with yourself and request them to emulate you. A mini-competition is an excellent idea: who is the most creative in his transformation? The photo with the most fun wins! comprar seguidores instagram

Make funny videos.

YouTube, which we see today, wouldn’t have been as popular for so long If it wasn’t for the many funny clips from the beginning. The pet videos, the crazy cover clips, and prank videos were made using a lack of technical knowledge that brought millions of users to the site. Thanks to TikTok and short video videos and funny memes enjoying an influx of attention, it is important to often display on Instagram that you’re a good sense of humour and can easily be having fun with yourself. Be aware of the latest trends and think of innovative concepts.

Instagram grid layout

If you’re looking to wow your fans with a stunning photo, you could divide it into nine smaller photos and then post it in a way that shows to your followers as a single large image. A grid picture should be chosen carefully and not limited to a basic selfie from 08/15. Consider the message you’re trying to convey using this image and ensure it’s professional.

Inspiring quotes

A great image, a thought-provoking phrase and an attractive font is the ideal blog post that draws the attention of your fans. Make sure you correctly identify the source of the quote. Only use images that belong to you or are downloaded from a no-cost photo platform such as Pixabay. Be careful not to use this method frequently for Instagram posts, as your profile could quickly get boring.

Create a compelling story

Beautiful photos paired with an intriguing story are always a good idea to motivate your followers. Consider exciting or inspirational events you’ve experienced in the past. Or inform your followers about interesting things that happened to you throughout the day. Be yourself and create. Do not try to present yourself as more attractive than in the stories, and don’t be afraid to tell the most embarrassing stories.

Ideas for content for Instagram Food-related posts

Whether it’s a meal, lunch, breakfast or just a snack to eat between, pictures of your beautifully arranged dishes can draw a lot of interest. Who would not want to see delicious food? Given that competitiveness in this sector is a lot, we recommend that you post only your most innovative and delicious dishes and include the recipe for making these dishes as well.

Instagram pets

Do you love dogs, cats or any other fluffy animal? Put them on your camera! Your viewers will be amazed at how adorable your pet is and how much fun you’ve had together. Participate in fun contests to test your pet’s skills or record them doing funny things. Pets provide a wealth of opportunities to enrich your feed. Always put the safety of your pet first. Cruelty towards pets is not acceptable.


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